Clipsal 500 gets ready to rock Adelaide in 'The Race That Rocks' campaign via KWP! Adelaide

clipsall 2.jpgScreen shot 2011-11-04 at 8.19.27 PM.jpgGetting V8 Supercar drivers to take part in the filming of a commercial between qualifying laps on the Philip Island event was just one of the challenges facing KWP! and the team at Kojo.

The new campaign to launch the 2012 Clipsal 500 Adelaide uses the theme 'The Race That Rocks' and brings it to life via the hand clapping and foot stomping of the events' drivers, their teams and a legion of fans.

Aside from a couple of 'rhythmically challenged' drivers, the fact they were all preparing to race in another state meant a shoot with three synced cameras, a green screen and a military-like precision operation on Victoria's Philip Island one week, followed by a similarly challenging shoot a few weeks later back in Adelaide capturing the fans and warehouse backdrop.

clipsall use this 1.jpgThe end result is a simple, tribal and high energy campaign that brings together the two key features of the event (racing and rock concerts) without a menu of activities and multiple audience messages.

Creative Director: James Rickard
Creative Team: Corey Swaffer, George Vargas
Account Team:  Sylvia Mason, Andrew Carracher
Production Team:  Di Willson, Micky Grant, Ann Romeo, Nic How
Art Team: Nigel Wapper, Dan Parsons
Strategy: Sylvia Mason
Client Team: Miriam Whitford, Luisa Spiniello, Rhiannon Kingate
Photography: Richard Lyons
Director: Roh Smith
Production Company: Kojo
Producer: Paula Smith
Editor: Marty Pepper


Anonymous said:

oh dear

Will Think for Salary said:

One guitar chord? Just one guitar chord!?

is that it? said:

I'm hoping this is stage 1 of a number of commercials because it kinda feels like they ran out of something and just put the logo up and hoped no one noticed.

Will not think for love or money said:

It's commendable to try to get away from the usual stock footage cliches...but this???

Mr Brightside said:

It's nicely shot and a good edit... that's all I got.

dinkum said:

This is simple, but in a shit way!

Jharri said:

Does anyone else think this comes off as kinda white supremacist-y? I mean if you were from out of town and didn't know about the clipsal and saw an ad on a bus with a bunch of white guys with their fists in the air saying "the race that rocks" you might get the wrong idea. Would it have killed them to put some other racial minorities in there? :P

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