GPY&R launches new campaign to promote AGL's energy-saving products and services

Screen shot 2011-11-03 at 11.14.22 AM.jpgScreen shot 2011-11-03 at 11.25.53 AM.jpgGeorge Patterson Y&R Melbourne has launched a new campaign to promote AGL's energy-saving products and services.



mk said:

"I'm not saving the world, I'm just saving for a trampoline!" Genius.

JAY said:

I wished i hadn't wasted energy watching this, awful.

BK said:

Hippies? Really?

What a stupid industry this is most of the time. Maybe I've just had enough but what's the point of all this if we end up with rubbish these ads? I mean surely they aren't all patting each other on the back about this. Surely they are going "we had a good idea, the client killed it, this one pays the bills". And that's why there is so much shit out there. Safe, out of touch, boring, repetitive, derivative, shit.

It's not all bad said:

Not world-changing, that's for sure. The hippy idea has merit, but not with these treatments. But I'd watch the 'Jenny' ad again just for the priceless look on the kid's face when he opens his birthday present to find a school uniform.

= said:

Yes, I do prefer Jenny over Dennis. There's no joy in Dennis.

RIPGPY&R said:

Patts... i think it's time you turned your lights off.

Pale immitation said:

Seems very similar to the Energy Australia campaign out of Leo Burnetts, except far less funny.

Opinion said:

It's not yelling at me. I like that.
It's not full of crap supers: I like that.
I understood it and it has subtle humour which I like.
It's great. It's called advertising and most people couldn't do it this well.
I know, I've seen half of their folio's.

Full of Gas said:

Nice work GPY&R.
Simple, honest and just a little quirky.

Skip to the loo said:

45's . . . Almost enough time to get to the loo and back. Wish it was a 60' then I could finish my business without rushing. Thanks for an 'almost' toilet break.

PJ said:

So a wall full of laserdiscs and no TV?

Russel said:

Pretty good scoop getting Julia Gillard for the voice over though.

Once in a while we yawn again: said:

Oh my, was that another bogan no hippy take! Funny only due to the irony of Jenny's unorginal kath n Kim take. The kids reaction saves this ad from utter embrassement.

Mrs T said:

Stuff the negative comments, I love Jenny`s ad, it makes me laugh everytime.

Mrs B said:

what is the actor jenny's name. i think i have seen her in a movie about boxing day.

Chuppadachippy said:

Her name is Tammy Anderson and you're correct on the Boxing Day movie. She also does a one person show regularly named 'I Don't Wanna Play House' as well as traveling Australia and the world championing indigenous and home violence issues. Very talented.

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