Nestle Diet changes to Nestle Soleil with new campaign via CumminsRoss, Melbourne

Screen shot 2011-11-15 at 10.22.13 PM.jpgNestle Diet has changed its name to Nestle Soleil, launched with this new spot via CumminsRoss, Melbourne, directed by Scott Pickett via Jungleboys. The tagline: "I'm feeling it".

View the launch 15" Spot


Ms Short Cummins said:

I'm flabbergasted.

I don't know whether to be more offended by the plot of the ad, the execution of the ad, or the renaming of the product.

Naturally women run past barristas in the hope they will ask us to stop for a chat. Naturally those weird fitness types in black will jog past us on some evil errand, while we (who are skinnier than they) will drop all for said barrista.

Naturally we will get a cup of froth with said bariista's number on it to make our life complete.

And naturally, whatever it was we didn't order is now called Soleil (diet) because beans maybe come from the sun or the sun heats up whatever a Soleil is but it doesn't matter because I am just a chick and a handsome barrista trumps everything.

The best thing about this spot is that it makes me feel 27 years younger, because surely I am in a time warp.

Thrush treatment said:

Sorry, I'm not feeling it.

winner said:

hey that's the girl from that tv show playing herself.

Oh Lord said:

Shut it down!

Talent Envy said:

I love her.

Thinking woman said:

And why does she live at home with her Grandmother - at least that's what the house looks like. But maybe now she has "confidence" she can move along

Whargarbl dog said:


Not feelin it said:

Wow, really? Who on earth did the strategy? Fire them.

Pure Genius said:

Nestle Soleil is 'son' of Nestle Diet. Geddit?

same same said:

This is worse than those yogurt ads where some old bird talks about how excited she is to be pooing again.

Not Feelin' It said:

All I'm feelin' is sick after watching this crap. Why, why, why PR this? Can someone explain this to me?

Jack Sparrow said:

Yuk. What creative team could seriously commit this script to paper in the first place?

Dez said:

Looks like those birds in black are off to exchange oral pleasure for the Continuom Transfunctioner. Sweet.

nest said:

Sweet oral pleasure in a styrofoam cup with a barista's number written on it... I not lovin' it.... really feeling it!

I am said: is quite charming and most of the comments here are mean spirited, personal and have nothing to do with the message.

JS said:

I'm sorry "I am", but as a woman I feel that your spot is patronising and just not at all reflective of how women think or behave. That isn't personal - it's nothing to do with the personality or soul of whoever wrote it, simply the way that they wrote it and the path they decided to take. I think many of the comments above are along similar lines.

L said:

Not sure you can blame the strategist. For a start, there probably isn't one but apart from that - those FMCG brands usually have a pretty heavy hand in the strategy development - and it is often by committee leaving some pretty generic (and stinking) insights like "when I eat well, I feel more confident" kicking around.

However, that aside, the work is patronising and completely lacks insight into women. I agree with JB.

Yoghurt~lehe~who said:

It's an ad, people. Not a documentary of Mel Valleja's life. She's SELLING yoghurt! The ad might move someone, or get someone TO MOVE (yes, you over there).

So it's all GOOD.

Better to run past cumminsross office. Baristas are poorly paid. The one in the ad looks like he's lousy at his job, escaping by scribbling his number on the coffee cup of every and any woman who runs into the cafe.

If he was working for me, I would fire him.

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