VB summer promo 'For the best cold beer, you need the best cold gear' launches via Droga 5

vb ice alarm1.jpgThis summer VB is giving Aussies the chance to achieve cold beer perfection, with the 'best cold gear' summer promotion.

Kicking off this week, and supported by two new television commercials, the campaign rewards VB drinkers by giving them the chance to redeem on-pack codes for a series of world-first innovations designed to help beer drinkers drink their VB at its optimum temperature - ice cold.

PictVB1.jpgThe gear up for grabs includes:

The VB Vending Machine - a specially designed vending machine that dispenses ice cold VB stubbies

The VB Thermo Cooler - the quintessential portable cooling bag with a built in thermometer and LCD screen

The VB Ice Cold Alarm - the ultimate beer-saving device, set to be the saviour of hundreds of beers this summer.

Says Andy Meldrum, general manager of marketing for CUB: "VB is, and always will be, the best cold beer. The best cold gear makes it easier for VB drinkers to enjoy their favourite beer at its optimum temperature. VB is a beer that is brewed to be consumed ice cold. From today Aussies will have a chance to get their hands on the gear and be rewarded with the perfect balance of flavour and ice cold temperature."

Developed by VB's creative agency Droga5, the new TVCs showcase scenarios many Aussie men will face this summer, and the solutions to those problems - the VB Ice Alarm and the VB Vending Machine.

"We expect VB drinkers all over the country to snap up these items pretty quickly," added  Meldrum. "We've already had a great response from our trade partners and we expect our fans will love the items too. Not only are they great looking, iconic items, they're extremely practical, solving some of the problems we've all faced."

The VB Vending Machine stands over 1.2 metres tall and delivers ice cold VBs at the push of a button. A fully-functioning machine, it features the classic vending machine shape and action, and will serve up cold beers all summer long. Fans can get their hands on the machine simply be redeeming 12 unique codes online and sending in the postage and handling.

There are 3,000 vending machines to give away during the promotion period, but for what is sure to be one of the most popular items on offer, VB have promised to giveaway one machine every hour until January 20 if the initial redeemable allocation expires.

The VB Thermo Cooler is a souped-up cooler bag. This product is perfect for any VB
devotees looking to keep their beers cold while they are on the move. It features a built
in thermometer and LCD screen showing the temperature inside the cooler bag at all
times, so they can rest assured that their beers are keeping cold. This product is
redeemable with three unique codes.

The VB ice cold alarm is the cold beer solution every Aussie has been looking for. The
days of frozen beers are gone - the VB ice cold alarm allows Aussies to optimise the
amount of time spent chilling to get their VB to ice cold perfection, sounding the classic VB theme tune to announce when they are at the perfect beer drinking temperature.

VB has 35,000 ice cold alarms to giveaway to anyone who redeems two unique codes online.

VB worked closely with Buzz Marketing, Droga5 and Apollo Marketing, to deliver the world class innovations to Aussies this summer. The items were designed and developed especially for this promotion and are exclusive to VB.

VB is also releasing a special edition 'Ice Box' carton this summer. The limited-edition carton is 100% waterproof, specially designed to transform from carton to cooler with the addition of ice. The 18-pack carton features a perforated lid which, when opened, gives easy access to the loose packed bottles like a traditional cooler. Just add ice to create the ultimate disposable ice box, perfect for keeping your beers cold when you're out and about.

Client: Carlton United Brewers (CUB)
General manager of marketing: Andrew Meldrum
Senior brand manager: Craig MacLean
Brand manager: Mim Orlando
Trade marketing manager: Jo Jericho

ATL: Droga5
Media: Mediacom (Melbourne)
BTL: Apollo Marketing
Product Development: Buzz Marketing
PR: Pulse Communications

Droga5 Sydney (Advertising Agency)
Creative Chairman: David Nobay
Executive Creative Director: Duncan Marshall
Creative Director: Cam Blackley
Creative: Lucy McBurney
Head of Broadcast: Paul Johnston
Group Business Director: Jamie Clift
Business Director: Esther Knox
Business Manager: Angus Ingham
Executive Planning Director: Sudeep Gohil
Strategic Planning Director: Justin Graham
Plaza (Production company)
Director: Paul Middleditch
Producer: Peter Masterton
Editor: Peter Whitmore / The Editors
Music and Sound: Nylon
Post Production : The Editors


priscilla said:



Pass, just said:

Like the vending machine idea.
Not loving the ads.
And what's with the VOs?

Career Guy said: said:

aaaah I get it - beer rhymes with gear....

daz said:

Bad work from a good agency.

Boony said:

Beer is meant to be drunk cold?

Un-real said:

Assume the 'real' campaign has failed and it's now back to 'the best cold beer' work that they'd been producing for decades beforehand? Didn't take long, did it.

droga lover vb disliker hater hater said:

i'm not a fan of the beer but this is good thinking. this will get a few of the 'floating drinkers' to buy a few more VB cartons this summer. this will change buying behaviour. well done

ANDY said:

Nice promo idea.
Let's hope next year with a new group in charge of re building VB that it will survive.

Gay gadgets don't impress me said:

They just turned VB into coke. Awesome work dickheads.

bloke said:

sames blokes as the shapes commercials.

Finally! said:

Not quite booney doll but a massive leap forward. Even tho I have an iPhone with 30 alarms on it, the freezer alarm is genius.

Nice spots too.

Max Cullen said:

F&^k me that list of credits is longer than the ad.
Would've looked better if they shot it in slow motion.

Mark said:

i have been off VB for a while now, they changed it a while back

monkshart said:

i want a vb vending machine, give me a fcuking vending machine

Michael Palmer said:

So you defiantly get one after sending money and codes in? Are there any left?

OMG! said:

Wow 12 slabs only?? So the average punter has absolutely NO chance of getting a vending machine!! Why dont you just say its for sporting clubs and save us the BS! Disappointed!

noel said:

guys ive collected my tickets , yet ccant seem to redeem them , this site , wont allow me to , yet the dockets send you to a vb site , either me dumb , or its just a money makinking thing from vb, ring me pls 0427 422 411 noel

Gerald Brendish said:

VB is a great drop

hi said:

looks bludy good mat

asdf said:

looking good , i want a vb vending machine, give me a fcuking vending machine

mitch said:

can i buy one of these?

gary said:

i won one but have not herald a word from any one



Mickeyeliott said:

I got mine a couple off days ago, is awesome, also the srings in the release door just have to be changed for softer ones and it dispenses cans, awesome :)

shayne swaysland said:

Giddy up, just been informed that 1 of the 3000 fridges to be won will be in my garage this summer....happy winner

Thanks Carlton United Brewers and Marketing team..... oh yes and the Team from Gymea Pub

Judith Ewart said:

I was contacted on the 21/02 informing me that me VB fridge would be delivered within the next 3 days. Waited and waited, almost had the property unattended, even emailed THE VB website, but I managed to get someone to be here if my fridge arrived. Today is the 27/02 and still no fridge and I also emailed the VB website again, but I have yet to have an answer. Is there some sort of fraud being committed? I paid almost $50 in postage/delivery . NOT HAPPY VB!!




Shane Thomson said:

Vb contacted me twice to confirm my address. Vb told me it would be delived in three days, it's been 10 days. Please let me know when it's coming , thanks

Anonymous said:

We have been very patient, all we wanted was the freezer timer..... 4 months on....still waiting...so handy to have it for summer! not.
Next VB promotion - Not likely

Grant said:

I have been waiting for 1 of the timers for 6 months. Contacted VB a month ago and told it had been sent and they would chase it up. Its been a month now still has not arrived and no word from VB. Never again

Grant said:

I have been waiting for 1 of the timers for 6 months. Contacted VB a month ago and told it had been sent and they would chase it up. Its been a month now still has not arrived and no word from VB. Never again

Anonamouse said:

We've been waiting since since December for one of the timers as well. It shows the status as cleared and the expected delivery date as the 22/03/12. Wonder if it will be dispatched...Wonder if we'll ever get it...

Keith Benson said:

they have not said which summer yet, maybe we have to guess.!!!!!!!!

Mark said:

Guys I have been told I won a vending machine a mth ago ......still no sign of the courier to deliver it or any contact .....

chris said:

hi i was told the same thing 6months ago i just got onto cub and there saying there,s no record of me winning there going to look into it with promo,s department i will be pissed off if i have been scammed

chris said:

hi just letting you all no that after ringing CUB and them check with promotions i did win a vb vending machine and was delieved on friday so if anyone is having trouble getting there,s ring c u b and they will look into it awesome stuff now i can drink out of my new machine

Brett said:

have won one already, 2 months ago in a special promo, but the VB push button is supposed to be alight at all times!! But it is'nt working, what the??? can't see how it does work, no power to the door,ya got me!!!!!!! But hey, I no complain about a gift horse, BUT. get it right guys. CHEERS ANYWAY, I'M DRINKIN ICE COLD VB FROM IT RIGHT NOW. good luck everybody. hiccup.. ha ha..

dean said:

ha love V B and have a vending machine but unfortanatley the buton broke if you have one buton i will $ it

Peter said:

GREAT PROMOTION...... Only problem Beaufort IGA
done the draw for the fridge on the 18/01/13 leaving me with several unentered dockets and entery forms not to mention purchases of VB STUBBIES /CANS made by me and many other customers since this date with no entry forms ,entry box or promotion details available in this store . CAN SOME ONE FROM CUB HELP

chris said:

how do I get one of these things.

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