Yahoo!7 launches Fango - the social way to watch TV with a free check-in app for iPhone and iPad

yahoo1.jpgYahoo!7 today launched Fango, a free TV check-in app for iPhone and iPad in Australia, that provides a way for TV fans to meaningfully connect and participate in TV shows they are passionate about.

Fango is a free application that makes watching TV more social. People can check-in to their favourite TV shows to let their friends know what they are watching; they can also chat about shows and see what other people are saying about them online. Fango offers show-related trivia, topical polls and gives viewers the ability to earn points and badges to reward their engagement.

Viewers can customise their Fango experience based on each TV show, seeing either comments from people in the Fango 'Lobby', just what their friends are talking about, or what other people are saying on Twitter and Facebook while a show is on air. It also includes trending hashtags and Facebook posts from official programme pages.

fango 2 1.jpgSays Kath Hamilton, director of operations, Yahoo!7: "Fango is the social way to watch TV.  It will provide a real-time social forum for fans to connect with each other around their favourite programmes and live media events. They won't just be watching, they will have the opportunity to participate in real time."
Viewers who download the free Fango app can check-in to a selection of Australia's favourite TV shows from Channel 7 including Home and Away, Beauty and the Geek, The Amazing Race, Bones, The One and Sunrise. From February 2012 viewers will also be able to check-in to all free-to-air primetime TV programmes as well as major sporting events.

Fango will have a range of advertising opportunities available connecting advertisers with a highly engaged audience.

"Fango provides a companion experience to connect brands with passionate fans within a social environment in a way not available before. We are working with advertisers to develop new advertising experiences that engage the consumer across multiple devices in a truly integrated way," said Damon Scarr, commercial director, Yahoo!7.

Fango is available now for iPhone and iPad. To download the Fango app,visit the iTunes store


justanotherdope said:

why no android app?

Bill Gates said:

exactly... considering that android has 49% of the Australian market....

PadMan said:

This is really a tablet app that works on iPhone. Android have .0072% of the tablet market!

Weebindi said:

Where is the app for android? Channel 7 is a public company and not being allowed to participate is discrimanatory to others by only providing apple apps.

Android said:

Fail Yahoo / Ch7.... Android customers have been left behind and forgotten... this is a kind of discrimination.

Android holds 20% of the Aus Tablet market and was hampered by Apples banning of the Galaxy Tab, next year iPad will be below 50%, better start making Fango Android compatible.

Doggy said:

In our family of 8, there are 6 Androids and 2 Apple iPhones. If you are going to make an App, make it for AT LEAST Android and Apple. Android outsells Apple, so why go only with heavily marketed/hyped product?


Nadia said:


How do you watch an actual tv show?

Anonymous said:

get rid of the gruners from tennis (men & women). Very annoying.

grumbleguts said:

stupid android free zone

Aussie Chick said:

Has Novak any plans of getting married any day soon???

Androider said:

How about android users

lob said:

Is it annoying how much the commentators r in LOVE with Fed ?

android lover said:

iphones only outsell android in 5 countries in the world. Australia being the largest of the 5. By the end of 2012 android is expected to hold 60% of the market in australia. And for Tablets it is expected that Android will hold well over 40% by the same time!!!

irony said:

No android app - how ironic is that given samsung tablet advertising during tv broadcast?!?

kerrie said:

You know im a huge HEWITT fan he is a lovely family man and i bet a wonderful son we wish him well in the future anyway he is a legend but seems how we have jdockovich played only friday so he deserves it cos he hasnt had the same rest

Android phone & tablet user said:

When is this going to be availabe to android users?

FredH said:

You should really develop the android version, since ignoring staff costs development is basically free. It is wrong to ignore such a large portion of the market. I'd also argue that any fan opinion would have dubious statistical value because of this bias.

sandy said:

Make it for Android then maybe I'll have a look

Courtney said:

Hi, I've downloaded fango on my iPad but I don't actually know how to watch the shows? I missed the bonus episode of packed to the rafters and want to watch it ASAP, can anyone help me? :)

cintalaa said:

this is a bit unfair that just apple customas can purchuse this app, and its funny and a little discriminating to think we all own apple products, can u just make a website that ables all people to download this app on to any compatible device coz i throw my iphone away like 2 years ago, come on get with the program there is more then just iphones and ipad we are in the 21 centrey

Kristie said:

I would love to use this app but I am only one of the android users so are being left behind. dare I say it but Iphones are not really worth the money. I also find it disappointing that you hold a comp to win an Ipad yet you have to have an Iphone or Ipad to enter. kind of a catch 22 isn't it?!

IPhone user said:

Hahaha android users u fail

android said:

Psh...what everyone else said...make it for android.

Chris from WA said:

Yeah, to win an iPad, you have to download fango on your iPad. How stupid.
I'm writing this from an Android phone.

yet another android user grumping said:

sheesh fellow andriod users, get grip. No need of so much grumping!

i have a simple strategy to deal with such situations. I turn my back and walk away. And when they finally release an android version - i don't bother coming back. I've already moved on ...

MichealR said:

A great app for the brain dead

Marfer! said:

Why? No really! Why? Here's a novel idea why don't you go out for a coffee and a face to face chat to discuss your sad social media bound lives - get a life!

Windows Phone user said:

No app for Windows Phone 7? Market share is still low, but it's growing rapidly. Channel 7 should be trying to appeal to all markets.

Also, please make a Windows 8 tablet app, in preparation for when the OS is released.

Me said:

I just want to watch tv not talk to anyone. Help

Simmo9 said:


Fureek said:

Can u watch tv shows on this?

Make up your own word. Fango also means mud in Italian, ha ha. You're name is mud.

Kerrianne said:

Yes how come theres no app 4 androids only i phones iv got a samsung galexcy 2 and i cant get the appthere should an app 4 all not just some.:-)

andriod user said:

How could you not have an Android app. Hopeless!

Doobs said:

I personally find the name Fango offensive, a name used buy bullies to torment other children with teeth problems. I will certainly have nothing to do with it.

Jenny said:

How could you not have an app for my Commodore 64? I want to be a part of meaningless, moronic polls about TV shows too ;-) Yes, I am Gen Y.

Chook said:

Can't watch missed episodes or tv as plus seven format not compat to iphone at least can warch with tv with android. Bit of a wastes app and rather use fb than this so taking app of of iPhone

Jason said:

FANGO is F*ck*d - Why can't andriod users access this functionality - CH7 needs to fix this if they want to evolved from a (less than average) free-to-air-TV supplier to a fullly interactive multi-media experience.

appleRULES said:

get the FK over it!!!! dnt like it go,some where else cant believe theres a bunch of android winges on here seriously ppl GROW UP!!!

Shanda said:

The person who calls themselves "appleRULES" is telling people to grow up ???


Android needs to be supported. Every other major social services company makes Android app versions, because they know damn well how popular it is. This is a joke.

lucy said:

They are making it a android app in may.. so who really cares ill just wait till then cuz my samsung galaxy 2 is better than any iphone.. iphones dont even have bluetooth to send or recieve photos.. so overall android wins. so yup coming in may fellow androiders :)

Skye said:

I saw this advertised on TV. and of course there's no Android app for it.
Annoys me because, apple and iPhones are shit. ALOT of people have the android.
Bit dissapointed. Hurry up and allow android to use it. :(

Olivertwist said:

JLO said.

Olivertwist said:

JLO said.

OlIvertwist Jlo said:

Olivertwist Jlo. Can I watch TV

Iawain said:

Suck it up Android usersfind something important to worry about

glenn888 said:

You IPhone users are a little bit rattled by Android I spose, Fango is not all that matters to Android users. we have far more better options and features with Android to improve our social lives, kudos to Android :) We can do without you CH7.

patrick said:

need it

Somethingfishy said:

I'm beginning 2 think that this whole Fango thing is another way 4 advertisers 2 target consumers? Isn't there enuf commercials on TV ad it is? Why would I sign up 4 more ads?

Helga said:

2001 grand final

blkozi said:

hello world

Tennisnut said:

Not in this tennis family. We can be updated continuously on scores and comments by reading it on twitter. Wake up people.

Barb said:

If you comment on Fargo does the comment appear on Facebook

footy watcher said:

How about calling the footy instead of worrying about who the crowds booing......interesting when magpie supports do it nothings said!!!!!!!

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