Julian Wolkenstein and Paul Sharp create unique portraiture series 'The Postiche Collection'

wolkenstein.jpgPhotographer Julian Wolkenstein has been working on a quirky portraiture series called Postiche with creative Paul Sharp.

Wolkenstein's first foray into publishing presents Postiche in a limited addition magazine.

Wolkenstein is represented by Louis &Co  where you can view the full body of work.

The following text is referenced from Wolkenstein's website.
wolk3.jpg'After many years of intense research and diligent attention to detail Julian Wolkenstein and Paul Sharp introduce you to the fascinating and stimulating world of postichery. 

Combining rare original postiche with meticulous replicas created by technical adviser Tamara Maynes , we are given, for the first time, a wholly unique insight into this previously undiscovered sector of Gender Studies.

The project, part of the Slow Photography Movement, is beautifully documented in a Museum of Helsinki Publication "The Postiche Collection" - a Limited Edition catalogue designed by Hampus Jageland.


balc said:

Very nice sharposs

anonyruss said:

pos·tiche (pô-stsh, p-)
1. Something false; a sham.
2. A small hairpiece; a toupee.

Clever. Nice alternative to the standard snapper postcard approach.

President Lincoln said:

Love the one of the old bald wood chopper guy, gold.

KK said:

I love these!

The wood chopper is hot.

One of your horses said:

Congratulations Julian. These are great.

Thank you for the copy said:

Hilarious guys!
Beautifully shot and put together.
Well done.

gary dawson said:

Disturbing and elegant at the same time. Delightful.

Guirkos said:

Nice one Sharpos - good to see the patchwork beards come to fruition at last.

Overheard a kiwi say 'hommus actually' today said:

Really funny stuff. Well done.

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