Jungleboys to produce a new narrative comedy series 'This Christmas' for ABC1 in 2012

Screen shot 2011-11-25 at 9.21.11 AM.jpgJungleboys is set to produce a new ABC1 comedy in 2012. The project is called 'This Christmas', written by Trent O'Donnell and Phil Lloyd.

'This Christmas' is a narrative comedy series centred on the Moody family. Every Christmas, with 12 months passing between each episode, we visit the Moodys as they come together to share this universally celebrated holiday, stuffed full of all the fun, fights, bad gifts, boring uncles, overbearing in-laws, shocking family secrets and bizarre eccentricities that any family who has experienced the melting pot of Christmas Day will relate to. Because, while in theory Christmas is a time for family to share and celebrate, in practice it's often a day spent with relatives you hardly know, where dirty laundry is aired, family rifts resurface, strangers are forced to act like family, and celebratory drinks can disintegrate into drunken rows - as often happens at the Moodys.

Says Jungleboys executive producer Jason Burrows (pictured with Trent O'Donnell and Phil Lloyd) : "Everyone is really excited about the scripts and we can't wait to make it! Trent and Phil have set a high benchmark with their last series Review With Myles Barlow which picked up the last two Best Comedy AFIs and has just sold to Comedy Central in the States and we think this series will be a great progression."

Other ABC1 comedy series slated for 2012 and directed by a Jungleboy include Woodley (Trent O'Donnell) and Laid Series 2 (Abe Forsythe).


Matty B said:

Go Jase!


Ben said:

Awesome. Can we talk about the other thing yet?

Youth 'n Asia said:

The operable part of their moniker is not Jungle, but Boys.

Another "comedy" take on the family Christmas? How completely original. Let's all get prepared by lowering our brows another notch. And just when we thought Aussie Comedy was surely an oxymoron.

Juvenilia. The bar is already on the ground thanks to this mob and others of the same teen-sploitation sensibilities. Guess we'll see them dig in the dirt to tunnel in under their prior water marks. The question is only 'how low?'

Ad People suck said:

Jungle Boys do not let Youth 'n Asia's negativity destroy you. As soon as you are out of advertising and into entertainment the better. You fellows are too young to know - but advertising was fun once - it's not now, it's been tainted by the likes of "Youth 'n Asia". Hope it's fun to make and rates it's bum off.

Ben said:

"Youth 'n Asia" - what have you written lately? - pull your head in.

Boy said:

Leave us alone Dad.

Nice posting of christmas narrative comedy series..

Kev said:

woah!!! youth 'n asia - what's wrong mate?
i have a tandem bike if you want to go for a nice relaxing ride, calm down, take your mind off things for a bit.

Toby said:

Youth'n Asia, Refreshing to hear the word 'Moniker' seamlessly dropped into a well constructed sentence. Under used in my opinion. Wonderful work.
Also, your humour is similar to mine, quirky. LIke me, no doubt, you are the type that will walk passed a Thai restaurant and have a chuckle at clever naming techniques like 'Thai-riffic' (terrific) and 'Wok on in (rock on in). When I read your pseudonym 'youth'n Asia' I had a double take and then a realisation of your intention to play on the word 'euthanasia' LOL (laugh out loud)
Humour and intellegence - these guys dont have a thing on us. Me and you, we are funny guys.
Keep on Woking!!!!!!!!! LOL (laugh out loud)

Ps. Good luck with the show Jungleboys!

Matt said:

Good luck Jungle Boys. It's a really cool concept, seeing the family dynamic change over 12 years (assuming there are 12 episodes at one Christmas a year). Can't wait to see it, I hope it finds it's way over here to the UK.

Youth 'n' asia. Oh I get, 'Euthanasia'. A pun. Comedy brilliance. Hopefully someone puts your moniker to effect on your career before your given responsibility over anything consequence. Like heavy machinery.

He May Have A Point said:

Have any of you actually seen " . . . Myles Barlow", or "Pigeon"? and we're not even talking about the commercials.

We all like to be supportive when we can, but getting a comedy series up on the ABC is not proof that the work is actually funny.

I mean, The Chaser was on ABC.

Is that so? said:

@ he may have a point

So.... how many comedy series have you had produced? Getting anything on TV is a major effort. I'm not saying that this will be amazing but getting any concept to the point where a network, Austrslia or otherwise, is ready to put it on air takes a lot of time. From script to commission to production to on air takes, on average, about two years.

You know what that sad part is? Add how much air time you've really had on tv. Not based on media spend but count each spot as 15/30/60/90 secs (yes, one spot may run hundreds of times but i'm not counting repeats). How much broadcast time do you have a year? Say you produce 10 spots a year at 30secs a piece. That's 5min. One year, 5min on air. These guys are producing hours. Hours of content.

Maybe you've got logies or baftas. That would be cool and well earned. But i'm guessing you don't. So until you know how hard it is to get something produced that isn't in the 9mins people spend going to the toilet, maybe you should just congratulate these guys on a job well done.

Good stuff, jungle boys. All the best.

Whomever said:

@is that so?

They can put in all the effort they want, and they can get up on the ABC, and they can get all you bloggers wagging about their newest endeavours and their PR of a very well worn path of Family Christmas jokes, but the bottom line is that the shows we've all seen aren't very funny, their not well produced or directed, a bit adolescent and amateurish on too many levels, and the commercials don't measure up for look and feel, nor for comedy, so no competition with Rogers and Davis and Spiccia on the one hand, nor with Middleditch and Bullock and Rothwell on the other, and that's about it.

This praise for effort is wonderful, but we're not putting on school plays anymore.

hmmm said:

and we care about this because.........

Is that so? said:

@ Whomever

As I said, I have no idea on the quality of what this series will be and I don't have anything to gain by making these guys sound good. My point was that it's not easy getting something on TV. I have no idea who jungle boys are, I don't know them from any other drunken fool I meet at the pub. And I don't disagree that, for some reason, the state of Australian comedy is not great. Which is weird given how universally our sense of humour is revered. Yes, getting a show up doesn't equal funny. I was simply saying that @he may have a point was making it seem like this is an easy thing to do when it isn't. If you had the opportunity to get a show made I highly doubt you'd turn the opportunity to do so just because a few bloggers didn't like your earlier stuff (likewise, nor should they think it'll be a hit because a few other bloggers show support).

In the end, it all comes down to what's on screen so we'll just have to wait and see. But lets not pretend like the rest of us could walk into Southern Star tomorrow, slap a pitch down spend then rest of the weekend entertaining escorts on a banjo. Most of us can only do one of those things.

Zoltaire said:

Yeah good point. Why even try? You should only do stuff that everybody likes.

bitter and twisted said:

don't know much about them but they are ranking no.4 on CB best production company rankings. another prod coy below them trying to pull them down?

bob said:

can we wait til it's made before we bag it?

Whomever said:

Can we wait til it's made to PR it?

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