AMP Capital Shopping Centres and Devotion help customers get the 'Hint, Hint' this Christmas

Screen shot 2011-12-19 at 10.55.57 AM.jpgAMP Capital Shopping Centres has launched its national 'Hint, Hint' campaign ahead of Christmas.  The idea was developed by Sydney-based digital, marketing and brand agency Devotion Digital, and enables customers to send fun, personalised gift hints to friends and family.

Users simply create a Christmas hint via a Facebook application, which in turn sends a friend or family member an invitation to view a personalised video.  By sending a hint, the user will be entered into a draw to win $50,000 in Australia and $30,000 in New Zealand and sent hints have the option to be shared online.  Using social media, the campaign aims to put AMP Capital Shopping Centre's local brands which are represented by 22 shopping centres across Australia and New Zealand, such as Warringah Mall, Macquarie Centre, Pacific Fair and Botany Town Centre top of mind to shoppers which in turn will help retailers make the most of the Christmas season.
Early results gathered from the application have provided interesting insights into Australian Christmas shopping habits:
·         Husbands are the person who need the most help in picking the perfect gift
·         The most commonly requested gifts were 'something BIG' or a fast car
·         The most commonly received worst gift was 'nothing', closely followed by underwear
·         Other worst gifts include: a Weight Watchers membership; anti-ageing cream; free root canal at the dentist; bowling ball; Collingwood footy jumper; and foot deodorant
Simon Lester, director at Devotion, said the concept was aimed at solving shopping challenges over the busy festive season through a fun and engaging online application using three different elf personalities to deliver a customised message from users.
"We took a common problem everyone faces at Christmas - finding the right present - and developed an interactive solution that's easily shared via social networks and email," says Lester.
"By employing a personalised video delivery platform, we've also allowed people to create a Christmas hint customised to their needs so there's no risk of re-gifting in the New Year."
Belinda Daly, National Multi-Channel Marketing Manager at AMPCSC, said: "At Christmas, we understand that our shoppers want to make the gift-buying experience as efficient as possible, and 'Hint, Hint' was the online delivery platform Devotion designed to help make this a reality."
Devotion manages twenty five AMP Capital Shopping Centre websites and Facebook pages, as well as email communications, search activity, seasonal campaigns and day-to-day digital operations.

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