From midday today Euro RSCG saves you the problem of thinking what to buy this Christmas

Screen shot 2011-12-19 at 10.41.07 AM.jpgStuck for a gift this Christmas?  Don't worry because Euro RSCG is here to help you.

Today Euro has launched its Christmas card for 2011 - which invites you to ask Santa to suggest gifts for you this Christmas.

Just log on to SANTA SUGGESTS and fill out some quick information relating to the receiver of the gift - name, age, interests, etc.  Santa will then live stream his suggestions for a non-stop 24 hours from midday today.


Stan said:

Just like the Old Spice 24 hour live Q&A, just without the humour.

And why is Santa American?

Car Crash Santa said:

Just wow.

The live format is a tough one to pull off. This is evidence of that.

You need writers, a production team and an idea for starters. This just feels cheap and nasty.

... said:

terrible execution

Ebenezer Scrooge said:

Poor Santa has to work hard for a buck these days.
Maybe some "special" eggnog would add a little spice to this train wreck!

Fair Workplace Australia said:

Why are they doing this? They get Santa and instead of being nice to him, they make him work 24 hours without a break.

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