Sheppards Cycles promotes Diamondback with outdoor push via AJF Partnership, Melbourne

Screen shot 2011-12-23 at 1.31.34 PM.jpgThree posters for Sheppards Cycles from AJF Partnership, Melbourne.



bored said:

The same line, 3 times. Bit lazy, no?

jas said:

pretty sure Tour de france will have an issue with the font / passing off on their logo?

Sean said:

'Tour de' is kInd of the idea. Agree it's the same thing 3 times, but I can't really think of any other way they could have executed it. What other really well known bike tours are there?

Maybe it would have been smarter to just PR one of them.

Tour de recycled ideas said:

Maybe it would be smarter if AJF Partnership came up with their own smart ideas. This concept has been used before by a French agency. When will AJF learn to stop recycling other people's ideas and come up with something fresh of their own?

cyclist said:

It reminds me of the annual Gippsland fundraiser the Tour de Tarwin.

Bee said:

Fuck off, Tour de Recycled.

Do you seriously think an agency is going to PR an idea that they've knowingly ripped off? It's a simple idea and in all honesty it's probably been done by a dozen agencies before. Think about bikes and that's where your head inevitably goes.

I don't think it's a particularly groundbreaking campaign, but I'm sick to death of shitty little trolls panning other people's work.

Anonymous said:

@bored - If it didn't use the same headline the idea wouldn't be there would it?

That's a rhetorical question (moron).

who da moron? said:

So the idea is to use the same headline three times? Awesome!

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