Insurance giant Allianz introduces "Ahh-llianz" catchphrase in new campaign via MercerBell

Screen shot 2012-01-09 at 12.06.37 PM.jpgMercerBell, Sydney has launched a new campaign for insurance giant Allianz, introducing the catchphrase "Ahh-llianz".



Bad casting said:

Wasn't he the guy that jerked off a horse in the Tooheys New - Beer Economy spots?

DM said:

Liked it, best thing from Mercer Bell in a very llllllllllllllllong time

Good stuff Baz said:

Another ripper, doing well son.

And nice memorable spot to the creative team. Not Cannes, but Nice which is just next door.

Geezer said:

Love the fish jumping out at the end... What a great idea

Old CD Guy said:

In a crowded market where all products are basically parity, you need a good branding idea to make people think of your brand when they need insurance.

This is that idea.

Not in the Industry, just a consumer... said:

I can't believe that anyone could like this ad!!! I know nothing about the industry, but seems as though it just an ad for the sake of needing an ad. I specifically googled this ad just to see if other people felt the same way, which should show the extent of my hatred. I currently have my Workers Comp insurance through Allianz, and I think I'll be looking elsewhere come renewal...

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