1300 Home Loan shows why it pays to deal with a broker whose name is on the door in integrated launch campaign via Us Sydney and Razor Media

Screen shot 2012-02-07 at 9.48.53 AM.jpgUs Sydney and Razor Media has launched 1300 Home Loan - Australia's first broker-owned brand, backed by a campaign which includes TV, Print and Online media.

The new company plans to boost competition in the sector by putting independent local champions on the same marketing footing as their bank-owned competitors.

1300 Home Loan is the brainchild of former Loan Market Executive Director John Kolenda, who has already shaken up the industry once when he left Aussie Home Loans to set up X Inc Finance and now aims to repeat this success with a radical new business model.

"This is a major step forward for Australian consumers because it gives them access to the best independent mortgage broker in their area, free from any conflict of interest with the banks or aggregator ownership, simply by dialing one easy to remember phone number," Mr Kolenda said.

Andrew Wynne, CEO of Razor Group adds: "1300 Home Loan is not just a new brand, it's a whole new business model. Giving all the independents their own brand is pretty exciting."


sigh said:

I quote Ted Royer. Post judging Cannes TV.

"The ad I saw the most was people walking though a city constructing something. Cut to people watching through windows. A dog watching it happen through a car window. Then we finally realise that they're constructing some sort of client friendly symbol. Don't do this ad. The whole world is doing this ad."

Josh said:

we'll that on the M&M&H reel.

Snore said:

This idea is unhinged.

woof said:

Christ i am sick of this same genre of film (as per 10.17). Why is everyone obsessed with having the same grade, style, cinematography etc etc as everyone else? isnt this the opposite of creativity?

FL said:

Beautifully shot

ted dibiase said:

Crapola, mid 90's crapola at that.

TG said:

It's the lack of idea that gets me. Who cares if someone has their name on the door? It's a home loan. There's no such thing as good service - all they want is a commission.
I thought US did good ads.

The Doors said:

I love it madly.

poorly done said:

come on you can do better than that.
poorly shot.

JM said:

Where's my book Chad?

Tmyu said:

Shocking ad. Not one benefit is mentioned other than that crazy phone number. How do you dial those anyway?? This is a massive FAIL.

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