91-year-old 'Anna Staples' offers love advice to lady listeners in Valentine's Day radio commercial for Tip Top's 'The One' bread via DDB Sydney

Screen shot 2012-02-14 at 11.41.04 AM.jpgIn an extension to the existing campaign that launches 'The One', a new white bread by George Weston Foods' bread brand Tip Top, DDB Sydney has created a special radio spot for Valentine's day.

The campaign creative plays on the romantic allusion of the brand name, drawing a parallel between choosing the right bread and finding one's ideal partner. In the Valentine's Day execution, 91-year-old 'Anna Staples' draws on her considerable life experience to offer love advice to lady listeners.

Simon Veksner, Creative Director at DDB Sydney, commented: "The campaign idea is all about comparing the satisfaction you get from Tip Top's The One, which is everything you could want in a bread, with the satisfaction of meeting The One in a romantic sense. Therefore a Valentine's Day ad was a natural fit. We think this execution is charming but cheeky, and will stand out from the normal Valentine's Day slush."

The radio spot will run across multiple radio networks today, February 14th.

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