Aussie launches 'It's smart to ask' campaign fronted by John Symond via 303Lowe, Sydney

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 11.28.10 AM.jpgLeading financial services brands, Aussie Home Loans, via agency 303Lowe Sydney, has launched a new national advertising campaign featuring the return of Executive Chairman John Symond as a spokesperson and face of the brand after a five year break from fronting TV ads.

The campaign's proposition is "It's smart to ask" - in which Aussie prompts consumers and borrowers to question and challenge their current financial providers, specifically banks, in an effort to review and choose a financial product or service.

The national campaign, which launched last night, includes television - with spots directed by The Glue Society - plus press, outdoor, radio and online, features a series of provocative messages delivered by Symond to prompt consumers to reconsider their current financial situation and financial services provider.

Says Symond: "The fact is the banks still thrive on people's lack of understanding. It gets confusing and the banks like to keep it that way. Aussie's here to question that.

"They make people feel stupid for not knowing how to improve their lot by asking the right questions. Our campaign aims to arm consumers with well-aimed questions, which can make them re-evaluate what they are doing and where they are heading", he added.

The campaign is launching to coincide with the 20th birthday of Aussie Home Loans. Symond said. "I started Aussie in February 1992 based on one simple question - why should the banks have things all their own way?

"That question remains relevant today and in March we plan to extend the message further with the provocative question 'would your bank tell you if you could get a better home loan?'. In most situations they would not, so we are arming and prompting home loan borrowers to ask for a better deal or switch", he added.

Aussie's General Manager Marketing, Stuart Tucker, said the new campaign "is designed to change people's behaviour and the return of John to our screens will jolt people into asking the right questions and consider using alternative financial services providers like Aussie. John continues to have a great reputation as a consumer champion and we decided it was time to bring him back".

Tucker said the campaign also reflected the fact that Aussie is more than just a home loan lender, now offering a suite of financial service products, including mortgage broking, credit cards, car and personal loans as well as insurance.

"Aussie is one of the country's most recognisable and trusted brands and as we continue to grow we are constantly looking for ways to engage with and challenge consumers and their behaviour", he added.

Aussie currently has a loan book worth more than $42 billion and 150 stores, with more than 250,000 customers being serviced 24 hours a day, seven days a week by Aussie's expanding mobile lending force of more than 750 accredited mortgage brokers.


S. Arcastic said:

Impressive stuff from Lowe303. Well done guys, clearly the merger has had a tremendous impact on the quality of the agency's output.

% said:

With the debate on interest rates, this could not be better timing. Certainly makes you think. Good stuff.

P said:

That's what five years in the bankers' paddock looks like.

he said she said:

Like the mentalist in that ANZ rubbish, why can't bankers just look people in the eyes when they're bullshitting them?

Oh yeah said:

This is not a good ad. This is not newsworthy. This is embarrassing.

Meh said:

How would they have gone about concepting this I wonder?

Cluedo said:

Doesn't commbank have a majority share in Aussie..?

What? said:

I can't believe a Director was involved in that performance. Creepy eyes, not trustworthy.

Ugh said:

What the hell possessed them to shoot it so John Symond is constantly looking over your left shoulder? Fucking annoying and distracting. OK as a quick shot, but 60 entire seconds of it just feels like he's actively avoiding looking at you.

The message is complete bullshit by the way. It takes about an hour to compare home loans yourself. All this guy is, is a middleman who's gotten filthy rich by dragging fees out of the major banks (which they on-charge to consumers).

Aussie can't get you a better deal than you can get yourself. Unless you're too fucking lazy to do a little research into what will be the biggest financial transaction in your whole life.

Sadly, by the size of John's mansion, it appears people ARE too lazy.

R C said:

'Keeping the bastards honest' is a good strategy (nice one Mike). Not too enamoured by the execution though.

Sue Donim said:

Should have corrected his crooked eye in post. HUGE error


If you've ever shot a TVC with someone who isn't an actor, you'd know why he doesn't look straight down the line.

But then, judging by the comments above you're all new to this industry, so get back to your banner ads, MREC's, Farcebook and e-brochures you bunch of propellor heads.

That said, it's a dreadful piece of work and beggars belief why anyone would put it on here to be mauled.

Guess the same person who posted it, also thought it was a good idea....

Opening batsman said:

Clearly this was posted by the client. No comment from the CD is a sure bet they were cringing at the thought of their peers knowing they contributed to this diatribe. Another clanger Langers! Hmm, I wonder if that will stick.

Former agency staffer said:

This is painfully embarrassing to watch. But typical of the crap ideas this client signs up for time and time again. If you could see the creative, ballsy ideas they have rejected over the years you would wet yourselves.

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