Bonds set to launch 'The Birthday Project' today via Clems to celebrate 35,301 days in business

Screen shot 2012-02-28 at 11.33.05 AM.jpgBonds, via agency Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, will launch a major marketing campaign today, dubbed 'The Birthday Project', which attempts to find one Australian born every day since Bonds' inception on July 1, 1915.

Aussies will be invited to claim their birthday at, with Bonds seeking to find one person to represent each of its 35,301 days in operation. Participants will have their profiles featured on the site and the most interesting faces will appear in future ad campaigns.
Bonds will also offer a special t-shirt customised to show the wearer's date of birth, available to the first 15,000 people to claim their birthday.

Screen shot 2012-02-28 at 1.06.59 PM.jpgBonds also commissioned Australian artist Darren Sylvester to create a portrait of 10 iconic Australians 'enjoying a shared birthday moment', which includes Margaret Fulton, Dame Edna Everage, Michael Caton, Deborah Hutton, Geoffrey Gurrumul Yanupingu, Sarah Murdoch, Pat Rafter, Owen Wright and Jessica Watson. The painting will be unveiled during a media launch at the MCA in Sydney today.


terrible said:

I am completely disappointed and thoroughly annoyed at the failed promise of this promotion. I am now considering using my bonds shirts as cleaning rags (appropriate considering their quality). After initially getting excited about participating, and believing that my birth date was free because Bonds, could not implement a simple placeholder, like say putting some simple words on my date "this date has been claimed, subject to review". I then, like so many others, have had to wait over 60 hours, only to be told that I have been rejected! Now considering the photo I submitted is of appropriate size and of me dressed as a clown wearing a white bonds t-shirt I must conclude that you either find clowns or your own t-shirts offensive. At any rate, the rejection is a relief, as I no longer have any wish to be associated with bonds in any form.

i second that motion said:


Me said:

@terrible You need to chill out and find something better to do with your life than dress up like a clown for some one off project that isn't even important in the big scheme of things

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