Garuda set to launch major campaign in Australia via Dentsu Strat, Jakarta and Oddfellows Sydney

Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 12.52.07 PM.jpgIndonesian airline Garuda, via agency Dentsu Strat, Jakarta, is set to launch an integrated campaign in Australia this Friday.

The campaign - executed in Australia by Oddfellows Sydney - includes TV, print and outdoor supported by PR, social media, outdoor and trade advertising.



A mood reel.... said:

Looks like your typical Dentsu (Canada) mood reel; sorry, TVC to me.

Advertising by numbers said:

A breakthrough in airline advertising.

ANDY said:

Sold the inflight experience short.

Jimmy said:

Cool that a client/agency is embracing integrated.

The ad is okay. I found the music a bit average - the right music for this type of ad would really drive a brand like this forward.

Harold Holt said:

Revitalised fleet??? F@*k, I hope it's a new fleet. I'd rather pay a few hundred bucks more and fly Singapore Airlines.

Agung Agung said:

Someone should've checked the showreel from FCB Sydney circa 1993 - and at least tried to better it.

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