NRMA creates unique interactive car stereo bus shelter in Sydney CBD via Whybin\TBWA\Tequila

NRMA 1.jpgTo remind people how much they love their custom car stereos - and to remind them to check they are covered with the right insurance policy for them - NRMA Insurance, via agency Whybin\TBWA\Tequila, Sydney, has brought a car stereo to a bus shelter outside Wynyard Station in Sydney, and put the public in control of what is played via their mobile phones.
NRMA 2.jpgThe Bus Shelter is fitted with speakers that can play a range of different tracks. Via a QR code or URL people can 'like' the NRMA Insurance Facebook page and pick a track to play live in the bus shelter. The track plays instantly through the speakers installed in the bus shelter.
The idea was conceived by Whybin\TBWA\Tequila who worked closely with Mediacom and JC Decaux.
JC Decaux's Innovation department saw a great opportunity to push the boundaries of Outdoor in Australia and worked closely with Tequila and TBWA Production to make this happen.
use this one2.jpgThe shelter has gone live this week and is part of NRMA Insurance's (NSW/ACT) new campaign that launched on Sunday night. The campaign highlights another important difference in their Comprehensive Car Insurance - that NRMA Insurance automatically covers the car extras that other insurers might not.
Because consumers may not necessarily know what are optional extras (non factory fitted) on their car, particularly if the car is purchased pre-loved, the campaign seeks to inform that with NRMA Comprehensive Car Insurance they do not need to worry about identifying what is and is not considered an 'extra' on their car. All their car's parts are automatically covered.

NRMA 4.jpgHighlights:
  • The campaign is running for NRMA Insurance in NSW/ACT
  • The bus shelter allows people to enjoy one of their favourite car parts - in a Bus Shelter
  • People 'like' car stereos on Facebook
  • The track then plays live through the speakers in the bus shelter

The following agencies worked on the campaign:
  • Creative agency: Whybin\TBWA\Tequila
  • Media Agency:  Mediacom
  • Media owner: JC Decaux


norm said:

That's kinda cool.

Pop said:

Love it. Great work

Brains said:

Good continuation of the theme I guess.

Fitzy said:

God they love rip ideas off

Jack said:

i like where this campaign is going....Congrats on making interesting things happen

Wow said:

Don't these kind of things ever get fully trashed by drunk bogans?

Easts said:

Tequila really adds so much to the TBWA offering. I mean, most agencies present this kind of thing to clients but with Tequila in the building, it actually happens. Whybin's is streets ahead of everyone else when it comes to integration with their in-house digital pricks. Let's be honest.

replying said:

I like it.
@ Fitzy - what's this a rip off of?
@ Wow - tomorrow night will be the test

jayneymac said:

great integration. love it. nice work guys.

Wests said:

They should be integrated. It's the same creatives doing the work whether it is branded Tequila, Whybins, Integer or whatever.

Meeja said:

great idea - wonder how many installations though and how many people apart from us actually get to experience it?

The Reverend said:

This is good. Canonization for all involved.

Another Insider said:

Integrated work from an integrated team - Craig's from Tequila, Tammy's a Whybin.

Agreed said:

Worked in a few shops the past 20 years, these guys are one of the few who believe it doesn't matter which part of the creative department the idea comes from – as long as the idea comes from the creative department. And the suits sell very, very well.

Nice to finally see some decent work coming out of there again, you'se should be proud.

nycbusrider said:

Just wondering, do people who ride the bus in Sydney buy car insurance?

sydbusrider said:

pretty much everyone I know that takes public transport to work in the city owns a car that they use after hours and on weekends

Candid Camera said:

Would be interesting to put a time lapse camera on it. I suspect the public doesn't give a shit, except for the crew who video it for the case study.

Joe said:

When integration properly works,it's a beautiful thing and these guys are the best at it .

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