Alzheimer's Australia pops the question to pollies with Valentine's cards blitz via Porter Novelli

alz 1.jpgAlzheimer's Australia has launched an initiative, created by Porter Novelli Melbourne, which will see thousands of Valentine's cards arrive in the mailboxes of our political leaders today.

The cards pose an important question to our leaders - what would you do if your loved one couldn't remember you? - in an attempt to secure $500 million over five years for dementia awareness, early diagnosis, care and support, risk reduction and investment in research.

alz1.jpgAlzheimer's Australia national CEO, Glenn Rees said that the initiative is one of the last opportunities Alzheimer's Australia has to influence the decisions around the May Federal Budget.
Says Rees: "Our leaders will receive an influx of cards from concerned Australians, who support our fight, but we're not stopping there; we're taking it to the streets.
Staff members and supporters will be handing out cards in Sydney, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne and Perth - we urge anyone who sees one of our Valentine's themed street army's to join the fight."

The Valentine Day initiative is supported by the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) and Carers Australia and will be promoted through the Fight Dementia Facebook and Twitter accounts, and Nova FM nationally. More than 100,000 Valentine's Day cards have been distributed across the country.

This is the latest initiative developed by Porter Novelli Melbourne to highlight the urgent need to combat the looming dementia epidemic and coincides with the launch of the Fight Dementia Facebook applications to encourage fans to write to their local MP, and share memories they never want to forget.

The cards will arrive at Parliament House in Canberra as part of the Fight Dementia campaign launched in October.


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