Ogilvy Sydney's Leisa Illandar wins gold in Young Glory round 4 - Soap Creative to judge in March

kiki.jpgFormer Wieden + Kennedy London Interactive creative director and current creative director at LBi Edinburgh Gav Gordon-Rogers has awarded Ogilvy Sydney's Leisa Illandar the only professional gold in Round 4 of Young Glory, the global creative consistency competition for industry newcommers awarding participants across 8 briefs over 8 months, set by 8 of the industry's best worldwide.
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Gordon-Rogers handed out 36 awards in total - a Young Glory record - with one New Zealand freelancer and Australian creatives from Apostrophe Copywriters, The Anatomy, DDB Melbourne, Fnuky, RMIT, UTS, the DM Creative School and Griffith University all taking home an accolade in Round 4 of Young Glory.

The brief for Round 4 of Young Glory tasked participants with encouraging young people to make regular donations to Wikipedia, however small those donations may be.

"I was surprised by the entries on a few counts," wrote Gav Gordon-Rogers. "First, there were a lot of them. A lot more than I was expecting. Second, they were nearly all good quality... The idea of creative consistency is a really great starting point for a young talent award. How many one hit wonder pop acts have there been? It's the artists that consistently produce great work that end up being remembered."

The Round 5 February brief, set by Fast Company's 29th Most Creative Person in Business Alessandra Lariu is due in a few days.

And slated to judge in March is Australia's own Soap Creative. Founder Ashley Ringrose, founding partner Brad Eldridge and managing director Ross Raeburn will form the judging panel.


Julie said:

Well done Leisa! Truly smart solution brought to life in an engaging format.

Pete M said:

Good on you Leisa.

* ilander

And thanks guys :)

Harry said:

Nice one leisa-Ka-ka

DH said:

Congrats Leisa, nice work:)

bitti said:

well done Leis - amazing

Phil Johnston said:

Another great step up Leisa. Bloody well done. Hope your table tennis is going as well as your work.

Paul Fenton said:

Fantastic work Ms Ilander you bloody legend

Andy Healy said:

Brilliant Work Leisa - you should be stoked.

PJ said:

Well done, Leisa.

The award is for creative consistency, and I see the Kiwi freelancer is leading overall after 4 rounds. Four to go.

Andrew P said:

great work Leisa!

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