MediaMind research reveals top 5 performing ad formats - 2 out of 5 are new IAB rising stars

mediamind 2.jpgMediaMind Technologies Inc., the leading independent provider of integrated digital advertising solutions, revealed the top five performing online ad formats in a new study released today entitled "5 ad formats that make a difference for your brand."   
The research can be downloaded here


To identify the most effective formats, MediaMind analysed the Dwell Rate and Average Dwell Duration of over 300,000 creatives.  The Dwell metric was independently evaluated by comScore in previous research that showed that Dwell is linked to higher brand effectiveness and is a more relevant indicator of an ad's impact than a click count.
The top 5 performing formats are:
Sidekick (IAB Rising Star)
Pushdown (IAB Rising Star)
Homepage Takeover
Messenger Ads
Video Extender

Says Peter Minnium, head of digital brand initiatives, IAB: "Creatives and brand marketers have been longing for digital display ad formats that allow them to take full advantage of interactive's rich canvas. These research findings from MediaMind are gratifying and exciting, clearly illustrating that brand-friendly ad units such as the Sidekick and the Pushdown are delivering on their promise. It not only points to great success for these two formats, but potentially all of the IAB Rising Stars units as well."

The research found that the Sidekick delivers a 60 percent higher Dwell Rate than a Polite Banner, and that users are 164 percent more likely to engage with a Pushdown banner.
"As users shift from more traditional media to online advertising, advertisers must recognize that the ad format is an essential part of the creative," said Gal Trifon, general manager of MediaMind and chief digital officer of parent company DG.  "From the tiny Messenger Ad to the Homepage Takeover, the right ad format can really make a difference for a brand."


Jon Clarke said:

I so totally agree, we seem to have as an industry concentrated on price, pushing it lower and lower to satisfy clients, but what we've not done is use the amazing qualities digital media offers in creating engaging ads. I'd point you to look at to where we got so fed up with the status quo we decided to do something about it and see results 20-60x better than normal ads. We then didn't just sit on it we decided to offer it to other agencies and advertisers too and publishers are enjoying better prices that can be supported as the results for the client are far superior to what they normally do.

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