WA's major health campaign to Sydney agency Behaviour Change Partners led by Paul Fishlock

PaulFishlock.jpgThe WA  Heart Foundation has appointed Behaviour Change Partners as creative agency for its Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Program, which will address the increasing prevalence of unhealthy weight.

The campaign is scheduled to commence May/June this year. Behaviour Change Partners pitched against Perth agencies Marketforce, The Brand Agency, 303Lowe and Gatecrasher. The three year campaign carries an above-the-line budget of $1.4 million per year.

Behaviour Change Partners is an advertising agency led by BMF co-founder and chairman of The Campaign Palace chairman Paul Fishlock (left), who acrimoniously left the Palace this time last year following the arrival of national ECD Reed Collins from Leo Burnett Chicago.
Fishlock is a recognised expert in the development of health related social marketing campaigns including the National Tobacco campaign, skin cancer prevention campaigns (The Dark Side of Tanning) and previous campaigns for the Heart Foundation such as Warning Signs.

The Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Program is funded by the Department of Health (WA) and delivered by the Heart Foundation (WA) in collaboration with the Cancer Council (WA). The program will address the increasing prevalence of unhealthy weight in WA, and aims to increase the proportion of adults and children achieving the national guidelines for healthy eating, physical activity and healthy body weight.

"We're incredibly excited about this new program and the unique opportunity it represents to address the epidemic of unhealthy weight in Western Australia, said program director Melanie Fineberg. "With Behaviour Change Partners as our creative agency we now have an experienced, passionate team working with us to affect real change in this important health area."

Says Fishlock: "I would describe this program as the holy grail of social marketing. It's a fabulous opportunity to make a real difference and we're honoured and thrilled to be a part of it."

"Latest figures confirm that more than one million adults in Western Australia are either overweight or obese," chief executive of the Heart Foundation, Maurice Swanson said. "The program will use different communication channels, strategies and activities, including mass media advertising, supportive information and materials, as well as focusing on advocacy to make healthier choices easier."


Slim pickings said:

Great guy. Great talent. Great choice. Great news.

BTW said:

Fishlock has been biting that thumbnail for a decade now. Surely it's time for a behavioural change? or a new press photo?


While he's at it, he should tell his mate Tom Moult to make a behavioural change.
He has to stop gnawing the back of his wrist.

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