Whybin\TBWA\Tequila launches new multi-platform campaign for Fairfax's Domain

domain 1.jpgWhybin\TBWA\Tequila launched a multi-platform campaign for property portal Domain this week tapping into the idea that when it comes to property, consumers can dominate the competition with Domain.

With executions across TV, print, outdoor and digital, the new campaign draws on the insight that real estate is competitive - a battle that pits buyer against buyer, family against family, couple against couple.

The campaign shows that with Domain, consumers are provided with the knowledge to act faster, be more decisive, know what they want and most importantly how to get it.


domain2.jpgSays Whybin/TBWA CEO Paul Bradbury: "We have all experienced how competitive hunting for the perfect house can be. We have all shivered with fear when the wealthy looking couple with the matching boat shoes strut in during the inspection. It signals serious competition. Domain offers that competitive edge to win the battle and beat that pastel jumper wearing opposition."

Fairfax Marketplaces marketing director, real estate Matt Siddons, said: "We are having a bit of fun with the competition that plays out between buyers vying for the same property. You have to be smart to beat your competitors to the best property and Domain's unique set of tools and information can help our customers come out on top."
Executive Creative Directors: Matty Burton/Dave Bowman
National Digital Creative Director: Russ Tucker
Art Directors: Julia Elton-Bott
Copywriters: Jol Temple
Photographer: Mat Baker
Designers: Chris Mawson/Nick Mueller
Director: David Wood
Director of Photography: Earle Dresner
Editor: Stuart Morley
Production Company: Film Construction
Production Company Head Producer: Warwick Boulter
Planning Director: Hristos Varouhas
Agency Producer: Michael Wilson, Nick Simkins, Mish Fabok
Account Director: Holly Jonas
Media Agency: Mitchell & Partners
Client: Fairfax Marketplaces marketing director, real estate Matt Siddons; Domain national marketing manager Todd Shipp.


Bill Board said:

This is pretty funny dudes. NIIICE

"Domain offers that competitive edge to win the battle and beat that pastel jumper wearing opposition."


David Lopan said:

Nice one Jolboy

tehe said:

goodin'! actually enjoy watching this!

Well done said:

I really like this. Hard category to get right. Lovely insight and gives a real reason to use the site. In fact best work I've seen in ages. Congratulations to all involved.

Wooly said:

Good work guys!

And very sporting of Matty and Dave to lend their boat shoes for the shoot.

Well done.

gorgan said:

I've been there before, and I can tell you it's EXACTLY like this. Well done, guys.

he said:

get back to work 6 people at whybins.

Winged Bat said:

Nice work guys. Great insight and well written.

Matt said:

The TV is incredibly lame, badly written and just not funny.

House said:

Sorry guys. The TV is shite and the print looks like it was done by students....at best.

I Don't Work in Pyrmont said:

Ahh bullshit 'Matty'. This is funny and the insight is right. The writing is great.
They did a lot with this spot. It's also the best work in this category, easily. Oh, unless you like that realestate.com campaign with the people in their pjs...

Pleasssssssssssse. said:

This is so poorly written, produced, and art directed that it makes me weep for our business.
If this is the best that one of our supposed top agencies can do then," God Help Us".

SG said:

Great insight, funny shit.

low rent said:

whether you like the execution or not, the strategy is utterly flawed.

Petcsh said:

Great idea for a crap category. Good stuff guys.


The insight must have been tough...people who like to buy houses like to win...big planning leap there...the creative is just a direct translation of the banal strategy. Wont win anything i'd bet my house on it. Should have gone a lot further . Noice try.But definitely not great, At all.

jack said:

Have to agree with the naysayers, it's really lame. I totally cringed when it came on and my mates, who were watching the tv with me and don't work in the business said 'please tell us you didn't do that shit?" Happily, i was able to point the finger elsewhere.

doubting thomas said:

i don't get it. the people in the boat shoes are somehow prevented from competing for the house just because our heroes read the sydney morning herald? ever been in the real world where being out-bid for property abounds? seeing/reading about it/putting in the first offer generally has nothing to do with success. it's the boatloads of cash that decide the winner.

our guys said:

our agency is so hot right now, nuff said!

Looking for a house said:

Yep rubbish.

Version said:

Anyone who thinks that exposure to this commercial will address any of Domain's significant business challenges, or that exposure to this commercial will have any medium to long term benefit to Domain, is kidding themselves.

Hey jack said:

Surprised you have mates. And ones outside of advertising too.
You must feel blessed.
I'm glad you are popular, must be because you pull yourself up by pushing others down.
Oh well, everyone like you comes unstuck in the end.

Huffy McGhee said:

I laffed. It's nicely written.

Homo Nurr said:

The print stuff looks appalling.

The TV is just OK with predictable stereotypes.

f said:


Real Estate Nut!! said:

Strategy is okay but seriously, gonna have to agree with most people on this one..... the creative execution is worse than uni.

Stick to websites guys and leave the Advertising to us.

Torpedo that said:

Doubting Thomas @ 7.49 puts his finger on the problem here. Look, even the best commercial in the world (and this ain't it) can't disguise a fundamental strategic flaw. Reading Domain will not insulate you against other buyers placing a higher bid or offering a higher price. How on Earth did this spot get beyond the first review?

Client said:

This campaign begs the question: "Why would you employ an advertising agency?".

I've been Gazumped said:

The strategy is struggling, the TV is try hard and the print, well....

In search of positivity said:

Nicely written for sure and while I'm not qualified to comment on the art direction (but for what it's worth I think you guys are being unfair to uni students who often produce work that looks significantly better than some the output of our top agencies), there certainly is a serious strategic flaw behind this: buying a house is an incredibly stressful, incredibly important and incredibly difficult process. Making light of it is absurd and marginally offensive to those considering the biggest purchase of their lives. I'm not a viking, I'm putting the financial security of my family at risk so I can navigate a corrupt and confusing system to put a roof over their heads.

This is typical agency back-slapping; created for your peers, not the client. Anyway, your insight is not an insight, it's an observation. I'd expect you to know the difference.

Other than that it's great.

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