Aussie creative team Matthew Knapp and John Downing make the switch to DDB New York

Screen shot 2012-03-21 at 12.01.19 PM.jpgScreen shot 2012-03-21 at 12.03.06 PM.jpgCreative team Matthew Knapp and John Downing have transferred from DDB Sydney to join the agency's New York office.

Knapp (far left) and Downing (near left), who officially start at DDB New York today as senior art director and copywriter respectively, will work across the agency's portfolio of clients including the New York Lottery and Hertz.
The pair reunites with Aussie expat Matt Eastwood, who was their boss at DDB Sydney before moving to DDB New York as chief creative officer in late 2010.

Screen shot 2012-03-21 at 12.14.36 PM.jpgSays Eastwood: "DDB New York is thrilled to welcome Matthew and his partner, John who are testaments to the calibre of professionals the LaunchPad program produces.  Matthew is everything you could want in a young creative. He is talented, industrious, ambitious, persistent and eloquent.  I knew I'd made the right choice in hiring him when he began to scare the senior creatives by cracking brilliant solutions to their shared briefs.  Matt is a future leader of our industry.  Of that I have no doubt."

The pair have basically spent their entire professional careers at DDB, which plucked them from its DDB Sydney 'LaunchPad' internship program (created by FBI Recruitment) back in 2007. Since then, Knapp and Downing have worked on campaigns for McDonald's, Telstra, Tourism Australia, Lipton, Arnott's, Volkswagen, and Hasbro.


dan p said:

well done boys...enjoy the big smoke !!! wow, pretty much everyone from the DDB class of 2010 are in nyc now

Ant Simmons said:

Well done guys.

Amomymous said:

J-Dizzle is far more pixelated than I remember.

Rahmit said:

Have fun in NYC

oddjob said:

Well done guys good luck!

oddjob said:

Well done guys good luck!

Go Cats! said:

Enjoy your weightlifting and skateboarding in NY. Maybe combine the two and see what happens. Well done. I always knew you could make it. And when i say "I always knew you could make it" I mean "I never thought you could make it."

Kim said:

So stoked for you guys! 2 of the very best.

Anton said:

Good luck guys. I expect couch space when I come and visit, by the way.

Matt said:

Well done John. You're a great writer and a great talent.

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