Jim Beam makes a big call with launch of "It's Time" ad campaign via The Works, Sydney

Screen shot 2012-03-19 at 1.38.21 PM.jpgJim Beam, Australia's number one spirit brand, launched its new integrated advertising campaign "It's Time" via The Works, Sydney.

Tripling Beam's regular mainstream advertising investment, the campaign will be channeled via free to air, subscription TV, cinema, online and innovative, ambient point of sale items, with direct consumer engagement built through the interactive Facebook page.

Says Ray Noble, Brand Director - Bourbon: "Jim Beam is a category leader and will again push boundaries by continually re-inventing our marketing activities to keep consumers and trade engaged in the brand. It's Time campaign is something we are confident consumers will  make their own, talk about and share - when you get the call you know it's time for a Jim Beam and you're not going to miss this one!''

Screen shot 2012-03-19 at 1.38.09 PM.jpgSays Damian Pincus, Creative Partner from The Works: "We have ambitious targets so this is another exciting move for Beam which will have a positive effect on consumers. Beam will continue to be a brand that cuts through the clutter and paves the way for other brands to follow."

Complemented by a teaser phase, the launch of It's Time started with calls issued around Sydney in the three day lead-up to the weekend's broadcast of the TVC. Ads in mX generated buzz and WOM surrounding the calls being blasted in train stations. In addition Radio stations were tipped off and a viral video was sent to online media.  The campaign will culminate in April on the Jim Beam Australia Facebook site with a 'The Wall of Calls' - featuring consumer generated "calls" uploaded to the page and shared by their friends.

Adds Noble: "Injecting fresh energy into the brand this year opens up all kinds of creative possibilities maximised by the enhanced engagement with the consumers we are calling out to."

Creative Agency: The Works Sydney
Media Agency: Unity Communications
PR Agency: Burson-Marsteller Australia


Seriously? said:

I'm writing a case study on why this sucks.
Bring back the Carlton Draft Tingle - that's the call you want to hear.

Tarzan said:

fucking stupid but quite funny

line has let it down big time though

ghastly said:


ghastly said:


Tamma said:

nice cans

WTF said:

Utter shite.

The Gurge said:

This made me vomit from my ears.

L'ame said:


Mr Print said:

Doesn't work as a print campaign.

Why? said:

Was with some Jim Beam target audience on the weekend and the telly was on. This came on, everyone looked at each other, shook their heads, WTF.
Enough said.

nose knows said:

Go USA. Aussie directors can do the shit budget jobs

wow said:

That is truly horrendous.

Ouch said:

Words can't describe how bad this it

Ummmm said:

It got horrible so quickly..

Barry Beam Boozer said:

Arrrrrrgrgrgrgrhrhrhrgrgrhrgrhgrggrhrgrgrgrhrgrgrgrgrhrgrgrhhhhh!!!! I like it.

IT'S TIME... said:

... to get a new marketing department and agency.

the call of the moron said:

Great...another nice little tune Aussie cretins can sing all over the world and do us proud.

the doesn't work agency said:

sorry ... it's another embarrassment to the industry..

Off Beam said:

Like the wankers who wrote this, it's just a tad too try hard.

Scott said:

But hey, the Brand Manager can sit back and say "the publicity canning this is at least a positive"...
What about the brand??? It just lost any integrity it had.

The Works went wrong, said:

Would love to know the brief. It must of included upsetting the loyal Beam followers.
There must be a new strategy to attract "real" bogans to the brand.
Surely The Works and the Beam team will get on here and post some positive comments!?!

I noticed it said:

Already outdone Carlton Draught tingle.
If this came out of one of the big agencies it would win a Lion.
Can't be missed and makes me feel like i want to unleash on the white cans right now.
Keep on pushing the boundaries Jim Beam, that is why you keep on winning over young guys across the country while the beer brands go backwards at a rate of knots.
Or I guess you could just stick a bunch of old bogans on a Whitsunday Island and that would be a big idea.

judging your own work ..doesnt work said:

this wouldn't be the works response would it ...hopefully would never come out of a big agency...a lion...be lucky to win a certificate in the most obscure award

doesnt Work said:

the only lion this fucking annoying shite might attract is a hungry one thinking theres a monkey nearby.

Jimmy Love said:

I love an ice cold Jimmy. And I like this ad. Live on the edge

BarryWhite said:

I have to say. I've seen my fair share of beer ads, we all have and this one (though bourbon) does one thing the others don't. It makes sense! This ad doesn't twist a tale of delusion or try to tell the viewer it improves your life. It simply say's IT'S TIME! And for bourbon drinkers it just may be Beam Time!

This ad will resonate with the younger more spirited crowd who don't mind having fun with something that lends itself to honesty and humour.

The facts are you'll be hearing the call all your life - it's just a matter of how you deal with it ;)

Good work!

Jimmy said:

Please Barry, don't let a sound argument get in the way of others jealousy of not delivering work like this.
I saw a bunch of young blokes howling like there was no tomorrow Saturday night at the pub. Plus the odd inappropriate wolf whistle.
Young blokes will connect with this idea.

but said:

Fair play to the agency for not flooding the blog with positive comments. Assuming of course that all the agency don't actually really hate it.
I don't mind it.
I noticed it and it made me chuckle.
Although my missus was in the kitchen when it came on and thought it was me making the noises so told me to shut the fuck up.
Why doesn't everyone try and imagine Droga did it?

product relevance said:

Young blokes might connect with the howling, but they won't remember what the ad was for. It'll just be 'that ad on the telly'.

Which is why it fails. You could insert any product in here. It has no relevance to Bourbon, or Jack Daniels, sorry, Jim Beam. You might as well do a Brand Power commercial.

ads sux said:

I love it. Made me giggle.
Got my attention.
Job done.
Surely it's no harder than that?
Stop over analyzing, and maybe ads will become fun again.

Brand relevance said:

It is as simple as Jim Beam brings guys together and kicks off a great night. One we have all had and look back at with fond memories.
Award winning work.

TWB said:

Given the brand's audience is 'dickheads', this should go down well.

WTF? said:

Jesus, so many positive comments, after all the slagging! You'd think the agency just noticed... (oh, wait...)

And 'Brand Relevance': (you're a planner, aren't you? I can smell it)
Exactly which f*cking award do you think this will win? "Ad which most pisses off bartenders and cocktail waitresses?

Granted... said:

It got my attention the other night.
But Tim and Eric Awesome Show has a lot to answer for...

read immature bogans as target market said:

young blokes ,brings guys together and kicks off a great night, younger more spirited crowd,young guys...great lets get all the young kids onto spirits so they go out in a mob and spoil everyone else's night...nice strategy

j said:

cringeworthy and overacted.

the fact there are no creatives being credited for this work, says even they know it's bad.

WTF?? said:

Dear BarryWhite,

Since when does an ad "making sense" mean its good?

Did Guinness "Surfer" make sense?
What about Cadbury "Gorilla"?
Sony "Balls"?

But, dear PlannerAtTheWorks, thanks for sharing your obviously well-meaning but ultimately bland creative brief.

Sexy Cans said:

Thank f*** for the cans. The animation is the only good bit in this pile of steaming turd

Hater lover said:

The reason why everyone hates this isn't the terrible idea, the bad direction, the overacting or the low production values, it's the fact that it's for Jim Beam which means it should at least be good.
And it's not.

Kittykat said:

I think its funny got my hyped up to go out for a big night

Easts said:

At least it's simple.

_me_ said:

be interesting to see the reaction in an ad break watching the footy at the pub...

J Bob said:

Apparently biggest alc brand in oz.
How do you like them apples Lion and CUB??

Tom said:

I was the planner at The Works across this work.
I have the balls not to post anonymously, unlike the rest of you turds.
I have not commented on this thread before, so don't imply I have.

Back to your useless games.

Bourbon girl said:

Loved it. I thought it was great and very different - it stands out. Really good looking ad and the can animation at the end got me pumped.

It's disappointing that so many people get such joy out of making such rude remarks, but hey, it's not meant to appeal to everyone.

The Observer said:

My brother always enters any social event with the mating call of the African Gibbon . He has done for 30 years now , so as much as this ad may be fantasy for some , it's very normal where I live.

CK said:

Personally, I'm not sure about this one. My first reaction was "Who the eff did that shite???" I watched it a few more times and liked it more and more... so the jury is definitely still out. I'll wait til I see it it a few more times on telly before I decide how I really feel. I loved the cans and the music at the end though!!

Knowing the restrictions around alcohol advertising, I'd love to know what the original pitch looked like... before it was cut down to this.

It's Time... said:

To ditch the absolute twats that did this work,seriously... how bad is it!? Absolutely shambolic work from an equally shambolic poorly led agency... how are they still in business?

A D Denizen said:

Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams playing tennis naked and drinking Jim Beam during end changes would get my attention, but this?

Jesus, I should get paid for this stuff ...

Kh said:

The worst, most irritating ad campaign EVER! I can't get to the remote control fast enough. Jim Beam should fire their marketing firm for convincing them them that this was a good idea - better yet fire the guy who signed the cheque for this atrocity

The Biz said:

Never seen a dominant brand develop such a juvenile campaign!
And the fact that actual loyal drinkers are turning away from the brand they love openly, speaks volumes. FB posts 75% negative comments! Ouch.

Trolls are Invalid said:


Steve said:

Complete shite. If you're going to scream in my face for 30 seconds you better have a better payoff at the end than some fucking cans vibrating. Makes me angrier every time.

Lynn said:

Worst advert ever - switch off sound & look away & never buy again !!!

jim o said:

Absolutely fucking atrocious. Bourbon and coke is my standard order at the bar. Such is the fucking awfulness of this ad i now hate the jim beam brand and anything associated with it. My order will henceforth be "cougar and coke" instead of "bourbon and coke".

Fucking horrible, worst, most annoying ad I have ever seen. Whatever stupid asshole gave the even stupider assholes the thumbs up for making this shit should be shot. I will miss you, Jimmy. Sell gold label again and i may forgive you.

Wardad said:

35 years I have been a loyal jim beam drinker for 35 years and this abomination screamed at me ( it's the only ad where I've instantly gone for the remote ,wouldnt want a show or ad near this vile crap !) has made me switch brands ! see how much your young busted arse guys spend on your product after 35 years !

juliejed said:

Utterly ridiculous and totally annoying and they pay people to come up with these ideas

Hate it said:

Worst ad ever

Babette said:

Im on serious pain killers every day and enjoy tv but this just adds to my pain greatly and my whole family, makes me feel sicker and causes great stress when I hear this ..I can't even look at Jim beam cans anymore because of that damaging high pitch.shame on whoever let this be on tv and I curse Jim beam every time ..must get stronger medication for my stress..

Not Drinking Jim Beam 'til You Pull the Add said:

Truly awful assault on the ear. What moron is responsible for this yipping add!

Max dog said:

Hearing pollution, such ugly human faces, much worse than real animals, if there is any department that I can report to,I will definitely request to delete this.

Will never touch beam ever said:

I can't believe this sire! I have been switching channel every time this add has been coming tv. It is that bad. It makes no sense and the noise WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY THINKING?! Anyway, I thought I'd jump onto Google and see if anyone else is hating this add too, you know what? When I got to google I didn't even know what brand the add wad for! Haha obviously this add doesn't work. Anyway so typed in most annoying bourbon add and boom hundreds of results everywhere. Anyway I'm not trying to convince anyone about how bad this add is, it does it for itself, but just reading the comments on here who ever the tossers who work for this shit advertising company are who insist on posting on here about how great it is obviously know how stupid bourbon drinkers are to think that they would believe those comments. The fact that your retarded enough to actually put a capital b on beam cos its the brand your obviously working for?! Who the fuck does that?! You are so stupid. Bloggers don't use grammar dickheads. And the only capital letters and correct spelling online are only due to auto correct. So take your fucking shit add, which I am proudly succumbing to your fucking retarded idea that a bad publicity is good publicity and touting to everyone I can about how shit this brand is. You have annoyed me so much I am contemplating anything on how to ruin this campaign. Adds are everywhere but this add takes it too far. I will do anything I'm my power to ruin this add and I hope ppl will join me. Fuck you what ever bourbon company you are....

Ew said:

I don't care about the drink really. I do however care about the extent that this commercial is truly horrifying.

Every time I see it, I mute the tv. Though I've never drunk this brand now, due to this commercial, I surely never will!

Rosalie Golding said:

Well this is the comment that I addressed to the Jim Beam Facebook site last night after being subjected to it while watching a doco on Nat Geo.

Rosalie Golding > Jim Beam Australia 17 hours ago · .
.I have just seen the most stupid advertisement on Nat.Geo channel promoting J.B White.
It doesn't say a lot about your company's perception of the mentalilty of the people that drink your product or those that you are hoping to entice to purchase.
I suppose bogans might find it funny .....

If you are the Advertising Agency responsible for this crap ; you are an embarrassment to the general Australian intellect and an insult to the truly creative people that can create ads that entertain as well as promote .

As an example , in the following commercial break there was an ad. for the V.W Tiguan which was both witty , entertaining and well shot .
It didn't leave me as a viewer , thinking ...... that the advertiser {and their ad agency} thought that the ad. viewer audience were of sub intelligence .
I suppose some would find cretins vocalising like chimpamzees amusing , but I am not one of them.
It certainly wouldn't encourage me to buy J.B the next time I visit the local bottleshop.

gazkel said:

I can't stand this ad. Have to mute TV everytime it comes on. As if the TV Ads aren't loud enough without having howling, screaching, yodelling idiots yelling at us in our lounge rooms. Absolutely ridiculous. GET RID OF IT

Imay said:


The ad sucks big time. It's noisy, irritating and really doesn't communicate whatever crap you have written above. You will not believe, this is the first time I am taking the time to write a comment about an ad by searching it through google just to ensure that the creatures get the message. I change the channel or put it in mute as soon as the ad comes in the TV. Don't spoil ur brand image Jim Beam, whatever that is u have in this market. Take it off air if u r smart.

Spider rabbit said:

I was a beam drinker i cannot look at this drink anymore that inane screaming has put me right off.
I am now convinced its not what you make at as an advert that matters its just how you sell it to the client. It just goes to prove you can rationalise anything with clever sales speak nonsence. The client is just a stupid for buying into this rubbish. I dont know how advertising people can live with themselves for producing such mindless drivel.
However my market research indicates that the targeted demographic of 18-25 year old party going confident loud and easily led morons who think the mindless repetitive thumb of overtly loud doof music is just so cool that i must drink jim beam because it is loud and screams at me and if i drink it i will be just like a mind numbing dance party. I am an advertising creative genius you must pay me lots of cash because i know what sells, lies and manipulation.
Not only is this add annoying, i no longer enjoy the drink.i will now actively avoid this product and advise others also.thats what you get gor treating me as a fool.

Tanza said:

This has to be the most hideously annoying,ear splitting,puke inducing ad I have ever been subjected to. I guess it serves it,s purpose as idiot attracting because the only ones who would find any sort of entertainment in this type of crud would have to be an idiot.
I have drank jim beam for the last 30 years and will never touch the stuff again because of this revolting ad. It just makes me so angry. The people who acted in this ad have just destroyed their careers, who is going to hire someone associated with this mess.

Tanza said:

This has to be the most hideously annoying,ear splitting,puke inducing ad I have ever been subjected to. I guess it serves it,s purpose as idiot attracting because the only ones who would find any sort of entertainment in this type of crud would have to be an idiot.
I have drank jim beam for the last 30 years and will never touch the stuff again because of this revolting ad. It just makes me so angry. The people who acted in this ad have just destroyed their careers, who is going to hire someone associated with this mess.

Betty Perth said:

This has to be the worst advert EVER,

troy said:

Seen the ad too many times now, hated it from the beginning. Having just fast forwarded through it again was moved to pause TV and do the following google search: the new jim beam ad is so F**K**G annoying

Threedog said:

Note to the advertising agency and Jim Beam:
The ad is intellectually insulting and incredibly annoying. Get rid of it quick and come up with a suitable replacement to repair the damage. I've been a Jim Beam drinker for 40 years but you've now lost me and probably many others.

bobbie said:

this advert would have to be THE WORST EVER advert for any product known to man ... how absolutely ridiculous of you to think anyone would enjoy it ... i know i will never buy or drink your product EVER while you choose to insult me with your poor attempt at humor ... seriously ... NOT FUNNY or slightly entertaining ... it is just rubbish ...

Kiel said:

I'm glad to see that you're reading this Tom. You should seriously consider a new line of work. Your ad is so bad I think it gave me cancer.

Haught said:

I was so profoundly moved by this advertisement that I felt compelled to write a letter to Jim Beam: http://wp.me/p2gUIU-2o

Will said:

The worst thing I've ever seen on tv, i change the channel as soon as it comes on everytime. I will not drink Jim Beam entirely because of this ad

Ian P said:


As if the invasive nature of commercials in our lives isn't bad enough, your mob have managed to create a commercial that is so offensive and insulting that you have surely set a new standard for commercials that add no value to the brand, world or consumer... and that's ahead of a long list of some world-class shitty marketing. So props for that.

I will now forever associate the Jim Beam brand with the bloke in school whose hobbies were picking his nose and eating it and farting in class, ocassionally and unintentionally following-through and thinking it was a punchline (and I left high school 13 years ago). No doubt he is also one of the many regular consumers of Jim Beam that calls it "Jim Bean" despite the fact that it is written on the product he holds in his Cheeto-stained hands every second night of the week.

It will ensure I not only avoid the brand, but bag the shit out of it to all and sundry. Was this the intended result? Seriously, who the fuck approves this shit.

I am embarrassed for you.

James said:

This ad is pure shit. Jim Beam is now just a joke to me and my friends and we wont be purchasing anything to do with this company as a result of this ear-splitting garbage.

KLR said:

This ad is without doubt the least effective piece of rubbish ever produced! I am a migraine sufferer & this ad has brought on a migraine attack TWICE now. It is ridiculously bad when you have to take to a dark room because of the unnecessary screeching in a 30 second ad! What were you thinking? The only people this will appeal to are juvenile delinquents with nothing better to do than create noise pollution and get drunk. Good job!!

PumpyChowdown said:

Quite simply the worst ad I've ever seen - or more accurately, heard. The INSTANT it comes on I dive for the mute button. Only now, after nearly a month, did I bother finding out what brand it was trying to flog, only to head to a comments page like this to state the following: I refuse to buy this brand due to this ad. Plain and simple.

Rhianna said:

LMFAO' best ad ever!!
got my attension straight away, ahahhahaha
but not too sure on the whole point its trying to get across by screaming? haha

beam hater said:

I get it. these actors are screaming at themselves for getting hired to do this ad! Ive worked at beams for many years and it used to b a good place to work when it was family owed. then fortune brands took over and it started going downnnnnhill ever since. NOWWWW its privately owned, but under australian control. so much for a great american brand to b turned upside down. hey did u know we take pay, benefit, and job cuts to pay for the ceo's (aka. matt shattock) $14 million bonus last year. guess that wasnt enough, so they introduce "THE ONE BEAM WAY" to use and force "lean manufacturing processes" on us to help bring that up this year. fuck you very much JIM BEAM!

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