Ogilvy & Mather Sydney's latest campaign to launch new treats brand RUFFS for Purina

ruffs2.jpgOgilvy & Mather Sydney has developed a new series of TVC's for Purina Australia to launch its new treats brand, RUFFS.

The TVC brings to life the different, funny and manipulative tactics dogs employ to get their owners to give them a treat. The TV campaign builds upon an already incredibly successful product launch, through outdoor, print & digital.

Every dog owner will relate to how their pooch can use their doggie wiles to get almost anything through guilt, cuteness, perseverance or invasion of personal space.

Says Ogilvy & Mather, business director, Nathan Quailey: "When the Purina team first briefed us on the opportunity to launch a new treats brand we were obviously pretty excited. It's not often you get the opportunity to introduce a new brand to any market let alone a category with a lot of emotional appeal such as pet treats. The campaign and indeed the brand's point of view is that treats are not just about a reward, anytime is an opportunity to treat your pet, just for being in your life."

Nicole Battistessa, head of grocery at Purina added:  "Treat time can involve play, exercise, learning, relaxation and any number of other good times with your pet. It's a chance to interact one-on-one with your special four-legged family member. In short, you feed your pet because you need to, but you treat your pet because you want to! Our new RUFFS brand of Doggishly Good treats has been developed from the ground up and is already making a huge impact on the market. We've launched with an aggressive campaign of print, outdoor, digital and TV advertising with a strong focus on sampling and customer engagement. The TVCs are a major part of the launch, and are already getting some excellent feedback on our Facebook page, with respondents commenting that the ads remind them of what their own dogs do. That's a pretty good sign that the Ogilvy campaign has really tapped into something special with the pet-owning public."

The TVC will air from April 1 to compliment the outdoor, digital and in store activity that was launched early this year.

ECD - Brett Howlett
CD/Writer - Jo Sellars,
Art Director - Peta McDowell
Agency Producer - John Lamble
Production Co. - Film Construction
Director - Dave Woods
Producer - Warwick Boulter
Sound - Nylon
Post - Frame Set Match


Ggggrufff!!!! said:

I love these spots. Great insights and well directed.
Well done!

Huffy McGhee said:

I laffed.

I don't want to say it, but... good job Ogilvy.

Dog lover (not in that way) said:

Ruined by horrible graphics and awful voiceover.

enough said:

they're good.

meow said:

Graphics and vo aside, these spots are still great, my dog did this to me this morning. Bloody funny.

Seedman said:

Lovely spots. An insight. Some warmth, charm and humour.
And a client that understands pets are funny and funny sells.
Nice work guys.

Satan said:

Never get tired of watching these spots.
Funny. Clever. Insightful Awesomeness.
Am trying "The Stare Down" at the moment for a colleague's chocolate

KIT77Y said:

I'm a mad dog lover (and like 'dog lover'...not in that way) and I love these.
Spot on with insight and very cute talent.
It's like you had a hidden camera in my home - this is my story every morning!
Great work - I'm smiling.

Not an Ogilvy Staffer said:

These are good. Plain and simple. Well done Ogilvy.
Things are slowly changing...

Ogilvy Hater said:

Ogilvy shit me. They are retailers. But this is solid. I mean it is a bit retail style with the graphics, but it's rock solid. Looks expensive. I laughed. I think the kids call that LOL. Kids shit me too.

Madshopper said:

Spots that dog owners will actually engage with.... lots of charm....... and I really really want that Pug!

Rover said:

Very funny, and much more entertaining than watching "best annual report" at AWARD at the carriage works last night. One day, we will have to explain to our kids how we fucked this business up!

Rover said:

Funny and entertaining, well a lot more entertaining than "best annaul reprot" at AWARD at The Carriage Works last night. One day we will have to explain to our kids how we fucked this business up!

Jay said:

Brilliant. Much better than that godawful sushi train ad.

bruce said:

Well done Jo and Peta... nice one.
Question: Jo, Is that your voice on the V/O?

NickD said:

Great job J & P. Classy stuff as usual. Love the music. (Not so sure about the graphics?)

howlett the dogs out? said:


Littlelordfauntleroy said:

I love dogs, I have a spaniel, a labrador a great dane and a pointer. No poodles or chow chows. l like this.

big apple said:

We've always known how manipulative animals are. Wish I could take a couple of these pooches into my meetings about a salary review, it would be in the bag. Well done, Ogilvy. Loved the Stare Down. Seen some mates do that when you havent quite finished your drink...

David Abbott said:

Correct me if I'm wrong but this is actual advertising. As such it also qualifies as content since it is original. I quite like it.

banjo + ogilvy said:

so? if banjo have done work for purina aswell recently are they an offshoot of ogilvy? sharing the business?

blacksnake said:

Go girls.

Almost nailed it said:

Nice insights dog owners will relate too.
Shame about the awful VO and graphics, and why waste 2 seconds of the ad with the title screens - totally unecessary.

Bouncer said:

NIce ideas executed badly. The V/O and graphics are terrible.

A D Denizen said:

Window Watch spot is exceptional. Suspect annoying V.O is thoroughly deliberate.

Adland said:

Genius spots. Tell me one dog lover who wouldn't love them. Even if you don't have a dog, they're funny spots. Nice work. I can't imagine that smackos will be to wackos over these.

SS Titanic said:

In marketing we all hit a few icebergs, but this team steamed into adtown. Good to see some good Aussie humour is allowed back into pet ads. No way am I lifting my leg on this campaign.

O'Brien said:

Amazing what can be done with that midget megolamaniac not getting his filthy self serving paws on everything

Real talk said:

Just see what the industry says. No need to bombard the blog with internal comments. The industry will always hate because we're all angry about our own jobs but at least it's real and your campaign could be one of the 3 a year that gets a majority of positive comments.

Almost there... said:

Stare-down could pick up if they lose the shitty super at the start and the end, just keep the packshot.

And tone down the VO by the factor of 1million.

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