Sharon Osbourne stars in Kraft Foods belVita breakfast biscuit launch campaign via Droga5

sharon o.jpgKraft Foods belVita breakfast biscuit range is launching with a campaign starring Sharon Osbourne via Droga5 Sydney.

The product launch is being supported by a substantial integrated marketing campaign.

The national campaign is one of the most significant launches Kraft Foods has undertaken in Australia and includes advertising across multiple mediums including digital, print, and radio. The campaign also includes a PR and experiential program.
kraft 2.jpgThe campaign targets parents of bustling and small scale families with kids aged 6 and up, where breakfast is a hectic time of the day and they often have a tendency to skip breakfast. 


Toby F said:

Good training for Woolworths Droga 4.95

L said:

I quite like it. Gets away from the usual busy lifestyle cliches.

confused said:

can't see the link?

Yet again said:

Hey 'confused said' - wouldn't be the first time from this mob,would it!?

ha ha said:

3:59 must be a comment from the agency since the ad isn't even up yet!

Switzerland said:

Hey ha ha, they would have seen it on telly I suspect. I've seen it twice since last night and I think it's pretty good.

impressed said:

I don't know if it's the ads but in my local shopping centre it was marching off the shelves.

Susan Griffiths said:

Great ad. Should see it more.
The biscuits are a bit too easily broken though. Maybe make them a bit smaller, thicker or package them in a sturdier box. But they are still A GREAT BREAKFAST with my LATTE :) YUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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