AdFest 2012: George Mackenzie on craft gongs

george mackenzie 1.jpgGeorge Mackenzie, regional managing director of The Sweet Shop, was jury president of Film Craft Lotus and New Director Lotus at this year's ADFEST. Here he gives his wrap up of his experiences on the judging panel.

All good things must come to an end, alas ADFEST is no exception. I had grown quite used to all the fuss and fanfare that comes with being a judge. Jimmy Lam and his team were unbelievably good hosts. If you ever get a chance to participate in ADFEST, in any shape or form, take it. You will not regret it.
You probably all know which work won what awards already. So I will not bore you with stats.

Dear Japan.jpgI did see some truly inspiring work at this years ADFEST. Namely the Dear Japan Project - Dear Japan, from Phuket, Google - Memories for the Future and Serena - Space Tanzaku. Wonderful examples of how our industry and clients can actually make a positive difference to peoples lives. It was good to be reminded humanity is alive and well, even in advertising.

Pizza Korea.jpgAnother piece of work I liked was a Korean entry for Mr Pizza. It won gold in the craft section for direction. It's brilliantly handled and a very entertaining piece of communication. Have a look if you have not seen it.

The final highlight was meeting Garry Kasparov of Connect Four. The pint size master of this popular childhood game made mince meat of some of the regions' top advertising minds. I will not name names but if you trawl through previous ADFEST posts on this blog you will find photos that do.

My point, even the best still have a lot to learn, sometimes from the strangest places. Which, as far as I am concerned, is good a thing.

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