Coles recruits Dawn French to promote its all new Flybuys with integrated campaign via Big Red

Screen shot 2012-04-22 at 10.46.10 AM.jpgScreen shot 2012-04-22 at 11.01.49 AM.jpgColes, via agency Big Red Melbourne, has recruited British comedienne Dawn French to promote its all-new new Flybuys backed by a national integrated campaign including TV and DM.

Australians will be receiving the Flybuys kits direct to their letterbox which can be activated from Monday.

French also promotes the new flybuys card with my5 at Coles - Whatever the price, get 10% off every day on 5 products of your choice when you spend $50 in store.



Surprised said:

This is the first watchable stuff I've seen from big red. Wonder how much dawn brought to the table, quite bearable from my point of view.

Good stuff.

The Vicar of Doncaster said:

You are kidding aren't you Surprised? Dawn French is a great talent and these scripts are so contrived and NOT funny. It's not her fault - it's the shite scripts. And, man, Dawn waving that f%#@*g hand - give me a break.

Nice said:

I like it,
You can't go wrong with Dawn French.
Good personality pick.

It's Saunders not Sanders Stupid said:

Who the fuck are you Kyle Sandilands? What's her size got to do with it? I agree with surprised. Nice choice of talent. Dawn's a legend. Nice one Big Red.

Village Idiot said:

Geeeezus. Looks like it cost about ten bucks to make. What's the point? What's it got to do with Coles?

Oh No She Didn't said:

"Get 10% off your sausage"

Even the gags are cheap. Still, bearable, which is one thing I thought I'd never say about this campaign.

So This Is How It is ... said:

Watchable, bearable - I think that says it all - when mediocrity excites you know you're at rock bottom. Dawn French is great but there are so many lost opportunities in the execution of these spots it's disheartening.

Rushdie said:

Like many Aussies I can't stand Saunders.She's a big mouth, unfunny pom. My respect for Big Red's pragmatism has been blown out of the water. What were they thinking?

Good ad for Tescos said:

I don't get why you would use an english woman with french as her last name on an Australian ad targeting Australians? I don't care what she says or thinks about shopping in Australia. Not saying the ad is terrible, but it definitely is irrelevant.

Surprised said:

I never said it was great, but it's the most watchable they've done. She's kept her brand intact, the expression on her face when she's doing the 'down down' bit is priceless.

Not sure what all the other literal geniuses think of it, don't really care either, but for a flybuys points offer it's not half bad.

Blubblub said:

Magda must be spewing

Ex Dawn French fan and also probably Alice said:

You sold your soul for pieces of silver to the Cretins of supermarket domination in Australaisia.

You have disappointed many people Dawn even Alice would be shocked !!

IPom in Melbourne said:

Like it or lump it, the supermarket is here to stay and they have to stay competitive. Recruiting the ever-fabulous Dawn French as the front woman for the new flybuys campaign has been a stroke of genius! She's brilliant and naturally funny and as a Pom Down Under I love to see a familiar face on the TV adverts. Well done Big Red and to the person who called her 'Saunders' - maybe you should do your homework before you offer your opinion, just sayin', lol

Ian said:

I am very sorry for Dawn French because she would have no idea the battles the Australin public have with the 2 monopolies in this country screwing not just the consumers but the farmers and all profits going to a foreign interest. i worked in advertising in the UK i can assure you her deal will be it never gets seen there to ruin her credibility, Dawn what were you thinkinking do your research you just lost a huge audience here. We hate the Monopoplies the foreign compampanies have here. Coles being one of those two. Oh dear. so sorry you have appeared on our screens being foolish for their benefit i hope you got paid a great deal and probably in American dollars as we would expect.

Johnny Fartpants said:

Nice bush! 10 percent off your sausage! Phnarr Phnarr!

Dothe math said:

Paid in American Dollars???? @ Ian don't you read the exchange rates. Dawn wouldn't be so stupid.

Kev said:

99% of Australia wouldn't know who Dawn French is. And Curtis Stone is irrelevent on the Australian cooking seen. Woolworths would be smiling.

Yes and we only got hot water last week... said:

Where you from Kev, England?

paddydolan said:

'this Dawn French comes across as a 'total bully' in the adv, nobody falls for the
'shouting orders' type of shite adv anymore, why can't we get an Aussie to play the part, I absolutely hate the adv so much I cut up my old 'fly buys' card ..........
bye, bye, Coles ......... it's back to 'Wollies' for me.

verity's truth said:

Sad Sad Sad - Just want to grab French and cut that lopsided hair do off at the neck.There is nothing in this ad that entices me to shop at Coles. It's not funny, it's not entertaining - It's as unfortunate as that hideous Choices carpet ad that insults Christopher Walken. Congratulations Woolworths, but it's not that you're great either, Coles is spending a lot of dosh to ridicule themselves and insult the Australian public.

danno said:

This has to be the most annoying ad I've ever watched not that I watch it anymore I turn the tv off or switch channels as I can't stand the sound of her voice her innane comments and her attempts to be funny. If coles was trying to get another customer they just lost one - horrible!

Adam said:

What is with all the bitter, sad and pathetic comments above, especially the one about ruining her credibility and of course they won't be shown in the UK as Coles is an Australian brand... derr. She did a similar campaign for Tesco's in the UK and it was very successful. Do some research. These adverts are great and funny but I suppose most people don't understand ACTUAL comedy not this "here's the punch line... laugh" style of American humour. These ads have been a success hence the reason they are about to roll out stage 3. It must be horrible to be so bitter as to waste your time looking things up you don't like. Clearly these people must be trolls!

Ash said:

These are the most irritating ads ive seen. She is a loud, fat, ugly english woman that makes we want to shop elsewhere knowing that profits from my shops pay for her.

Colin said:

I will boycott Coles until my TV is free of Dawn French.

Isibarbi said:

This is worse than the add with Normie Rowe...I am abt to start shopping at Aldi or one of the others

Dawn said:

Everyone was sick of her in the UK,so she landed down under.

She is so annoying !! good luck Australia and thank god we got rid of her in the UK

Boycott said:

The last straw for me, Dawn french is the most annoying woman on tv and I will be shopping at Woolies for sure now.

UPtheAussies said:

I agree with you all...why do we need a Pommie has been Comedian with an annoying script to promote an Australian Supermarket. We have some very very funny celebrity comedians of our own. Especially ones with an Aussie accent...we live in Australia not England. Get with it Red Dog we want Ozzzie Ozzzie...Ozzie..oy...oy power in the future ad campaigns thank you. I'm shopping at Woolies thats for sure !!

Moplord said:

I cannot stand this fake ad I actually change channels she where's the same dam clothes in every ad an how fake is the dribble no offense Dawn but get the fuck off my Telly an stop wasting my retinas ... Makes me want to my5 myself upside the head !!!

Tim said:

By far the most annoying ad's on TV at the moment. As soon as I hear that nagging voice I have to change channel or hit mute. Horrible decision Coles!

Oliver O'Shea said:

I wish there was a Woolworths closer to me.

Dawn French is not very funny, not very charming and not a great spokeswoman for a healthy lifestyle.

As a POM, I think/hope Coles have made a big mistake here.

Maybe they are paying her with double loyalty points. Should be quite profitable for her.

Should have asked Dave Hughes to do it.

matt said:

The most annoying adverts ever, each time she say's "Hello" I want to kick her in the head...I no longer shop at Coles.

CiscoPop said:

Can't believe Dawn French sold her soul for a few measly $$ from Coles. How can a woman who dates the head of a charity take money from a company that makes millions out of poker machines and the misery they cause for many people and their families. Shame on you Dawn French.

Good stuff said:

It's great - I love her. She looks good, sounds good and her attitude is strong and energised. Well done Big Red, you've made an impact on this Mum (who makes all the shopping decisions in this house). A refreshingly good choice - good work.

Ozzie Typo said:

Coles, what do you think you are trying to do? That oversize pommie tart's voice irritates me just about as much as our pm's (and that's a lot!) Why can't we use local talent? And if you think I am going to switch from Woollies with this crap then you are very, very wrong. Get her off!

Tante Chrissie said:

As bad as the ads were, the absolute last straw was having her shrieking over the PA system in the shop. Absolutely hideous. Why do we have to be yelled at by a grimacing woman who would know nothing about Australian grocery shopping?

Ben said:

Omg these adds do my head in i never shop at coles anymore because they are trying to brainwash us! Woolies all the way and they are way better quality and more generous to their customers as they dont have to make up for t millions in advertising like coles.

Sue said:

every one is entitled to an opinion.... mine is.... Australian actors, or just normal Australian people for ads for Australian TV.... I cant stand Dawn French, she is neither Australian or funny....

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