Revealed: Droga's formula for judging great ads

DavidDroga.jpgA late 1990's David Droga offers advice on how to judge a good ad. It was apparently for a Saatchi & Saatchi worldwide P&G workshop.

Although Droga has aged, his formula hasn't...



Nothing's ever really new said:

Not to forget the classic "Nine ways to improve an ad" by Fred Manley and Hal Riney (from 1963):

Wild Oscar said:

So old school. Love it.

enough said:

spinal ad

Trouble said:

Shit, there goes my career

Mighty Mouse said:

Now I know where the client get's it from. Thanks Dave.

Neil French said:

Tres amusant, mon ami.

Khal Drogo said:

Right on, bro!

Azza said:

And this helpful little gem by Alex Bogusky:

SM said:

too funny.

Really? said:

Unbelievably unfunny.

Pass the dutchie said:

Is this from back when everyone smoked doobies during the week and ate paper on the weekends?

Bland Men said:

It's still true . . . dying is easy, comedy is hard.

Don't quit your day job, David.

A loyaly reader of ITIABTWC says... said: need to stop ripping off other blogs...or at the very least crediting them when you do.

CB Author Profile Page said:

Nice try A loyaly reader of ITIABTWC, but the CB Asia blog had this a few days prior (on Sunday):

But it's hardly anyone's scoop, as the video has been around since June 2011.

RANT said:

Unfortunately the brass age of advertising (you know, the one slightly after the golden age of advertising), when companies educated their clients on what good ads were instead of educating creatives on how to deal with spineless suits is slowly slipping away.

This wasn't that long ago. In all honesty, it disappeared less than 4 years ago (at the good places).

It's a real shame. The reason clients don't respect our opinion is because we don't have one now. We entrust it to suits that are spineless ass-kissers, half the age of a gnats semen spurt.

Next time I hear someone whinging about 'if I go to a doctor I respect the doctor's opinion, why can't they do the same with us?' I'm going to slap them. Without consequences.

If It Bends, It's Funny said:

Proof positive that comedy is frequently no laughing matter, and that as a standup comedian, David Droga is a creative director.

Dr Reality said:

It's because Doctors are trained, accredited professionals Ben. The big hitters at these transnational juggernauts are trained accredited professionals too. So they regard your "ideas" as something not very important. Six months at Billy Blue is not an education. It not even a fart in the right direction.

Hamiltons said:

I wish he would give us the formula for making shit loads of cash.

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