Insurance giant Allianz extends "Ahh-llianz" catchphrase in new spot via MercerBell, Sydney

Screen shot 2012-04-30 at 5.01.01 PM.jpgThe latest spot in the Allianz campaign, which first launched back in January, via agency MercerBell, Sydney.

Titled "Hail", the commercial depicts a real estate agent who watches her car get damaged by a sudden hailstorm, as she tries desperately to protect it using her signage.

Says Julie Dormand, general manager at MercerBell: "We wanted to tap into the human side of insurance, and specifically to own that moment when things go wrong, and link that directly to Allianz."

MercerBell created the successful "One Word" campaign, which commenced in January 2012, to make that connection and show that when you're having an "Ahh!" moment, Ahh-llianz will be there for Australians to sort it out.

Phase one of the "One Word" campaign has been so successful, that Allianz turned around its brand recognition in just four weeks of the campaign. To date the campaign has achieved 66% above norm on brand linkage and 33% above norm for recognition of the TVC (IPSOS norm scores).

The TVC runs for six weeks and will be supported with radio, digital advertising and acquisition direct mail.


Pained said:


Please stop said:

I hate this annoying shit so much I have to mute my tv when it comes on.
Worst campaign on tv, and that includes Red Rooster, The Good Guys and Coles.

Old CD Guy said:

Hate it all you like, 7:42, but consider this: In a category where all brands offer parity products, the best you can hope for as an advertiser is good branding. When people are choosing the grudge purchase of insurance, you want your brand to be top of mind. This campaign is well-branded. It could only be for Aaaaaaaaaaaaalianz. Granted it could grate, but who cares if it works, and I suspect this campaign is working its ring off. My only gripe is that this latest mutation may have been better if it stayed with the multiple vignette format to further reinforce the branding device while showing a wider number of damage/claim scenarios.

43 points said:

I don't get why on this forum, contributors always hate ads that work. Advertising is not art. Clients invest in advertising to create sales. Really simple concept. Why is that so hard to understand. Spending clients money on creating "art" is fraud.

Marlon Brando said:

Old CD and 43 points, how misguided you - and the clients you work for - are.

Yes, CD, Aaaaaaaaalianz may limp its way onto my consideration set for the while that this pile of poo assaults me on the telly. But as soon as it's replaced by the next equally dire over-branded crap (AAMI, perhaps?) it'll fall off the shopping list.

Create a piece of communication, with clear benefit, that I LOVE, on the other hand, and you'll be top of mind for years. (NRMA still means H.E.L.P. to me.)

And that, 43 points, is why this ad is a waste of client money. Given the production values of the piece, I'd guess they've paid $500k to do a piece that works for the 12 weeks it's on air. Yet they could have paid the same for a piece that might still be working a decade later.

Call that "art" if you like. But remember, great art is an excellent investment.

Please Stop said:

43 points, who said that advertising has to be art? You clearly have a problem with the notion of creative advertising.

My point is that it needn't be annoying to be memorable. And the point you missed is that if it annoys the consumer, that consumer isn't going to warm toward the brand and consider using them when there's a viable alternative.

Brian said:

Average I'm afraid

Richard Denham said:


anon d said:

'aahh--lianz' has to be the most irritating campaign on air at the moment...i squirm everytime it comes on air...cant believe the guys at mercer bell put this stuff out, it's got steam coming off it

Louie the Fly said:

@anon d, they specialise in that and hide/hid behind DM for years...
@richard d, I didn't know you could spell that well
@Marlon, nice point about good brand(o)ing

Groucho said:

@Louie the Fly consider the possibilty that Richard D got his copywriter to write it for him.
@anon d, don't worry, soon it will go white in the sun.
@Marlon is it fair to deprive the really really dumb people of an ad they can relate too?

June Dorley said:

I'd say something Aaaaahhh Rated if I wasn't larfing all the way to the bank and worshipping meself back at the Temple

Matt said:

YOUI gets You!

Jack Sparrow said:

Sorry to poo poo but it's poo.

Some Suit said:

I don't work for Mercer Bell but I do know the client. Apparently this campaign has blown their sales targets out of the water.

Must be nice to sit in THAT client meeting for a change...

Big stiffy said:

That blonde real estate agent gives me a stiffy :)
Well done Allianz you passed the stiffy test!

scarlett said:

As a consumer, who has spoken to other consumers, we hate this ad so much we have agreed we will never use allianz. Annoying discordant disruptions like this where you have to dive for the remote to turn it off do not encourage a desire to find out more about their products.

Aubrey said:

Thanks for sharing about what you had experience with allianz @Scarlett.
This is also helpful for me to know.

Aubrey from évier d'angle 

Mary said:

Can't stand the aliantz ads they are so annoying. I will never get their insurance because of the annoying ad.

mim said:

Worst Ad of all time. I actually have to mute it when it comes on. YUK!!!!!!!!

James said:

Aliianz: "we're extending this ad". Me: "AAAAhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrggghhhhhh!"
I hate this ad so much, I change my TV channel immediately when I see it. I'll feel I've betrayed myself if I choose Allianz's products

Viewer said:

James said:... "I change my TV channel immediately when I see it"

I do to.

There's one scream where it sounds like a person is being killed. It's not just annoying, it's disturbing :(

Television channels should stop airing these Allianz ads if they're causing viewers to switch to another channel.

And yes, Allianz will never get any of my business, now or in the future :)

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