Kiwibank marks 10-year anniversary with new brand campaign via Ogilvy featuring 10-year old Kiwi kids and Neil Finn track 'Can you hear us?'

Screen shot 2012-04-23 at 10.55.34 AM.jpgKiwibank has launched a new brand campaign today marking its 10 years in New Zealand with a TVC featuring 10-year old Kiwi kids, backed by a new recording of a classic Neil Finn track that will help raise funds for The NZ Music Foundation.  

Developed with Ogilvy Auckland, the TVC centres around a group of 10-year-old Kiwis pledging what they'll stand for, set to the soundtrack of Finn's song "Can You Hear Us?" re-recorded by Jeremy Redmore of Midnight Youth, and overseen by Finn himself.

Screen shot 2012-04-23 at 10.55.18 AM.jpgNicky Ashton, Head of Marketing for Kiwibank, says that Finn's involvement in the campaign is "a real coup", as it's the first time the iconic Kiwi songwriter has ever agreed to lend one of his tracks to a commercial entity.

Finn is a patron of the recently established New Zealand Music Foundation, a not-for-profit charitable trust that funds projects enriching the lives of New Zealanders in need through music.

Kiwibank and Finn have agreed that all the proceeds from the first 20,000 downloads of the soundtrack - to be available exclusively on the Kiwibank website - will go to The NZ Music Foundation.

Ashton says the campaign aims to give voice to Kiwibank's devotion to New Zealand as a nation, and its call for Kiwis to "back our own".

"Neil, like Kiwibank, is a devoted Kiwi who shares similar views on this country and backing our own for the good of all New Zealanders. We are taking this opportunity on our 10th anniversary to renew our vow to stand up for New Zealanders who demand respect, better experiences, products, services and attitudes.

Screen shot 2012-04-23 at 10.55.25 AM.jpg"By involving these kids who have grown up with Kiwibank, we were keen to channel their unbridled optimism and their cheeky, lovable devotion to the cause."

Ashton says Kiwibank has altered the banking landscape over the past decade, with many of its initiatives now accepted as industry standard, such as fee-free transaction accounts, reduced service and exception fees, highly competitive lending rates and bank 'switching'.

"After a decade of success and growth, this campaign shows Kiwibank's challenger spirit is alive and well."


Surprised said:

I, ah, really liked this. Much better than the previous 10 years of Kiwibank advertising.

Also, kudos on getting Neil "I don't do ads" Finn to, well, do an ad.

Nick said:

This is horrific. Where did all the challenger edge go? The smulch is almost too much to bear. Beginning of the end Kiwibank.

I like it said:

I like it. I hate ANZ, why doesn't a bank just say they'll look after my money? rather than living in my world and people watching/creeping around in bars and parks.

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