Online wine retailer Cheeky Drop brings back Friday drinks in new campaign via Keep Left

CHEEKY-DROP.jpgOnline wine distributor Cheeky Drop is bringing back the Australian worker's institution of Friday drinks, with the launch of its latest digital campaign today.

Cheeky Drop believes Friday Drinks are in danger of extinction, slowly being killed off by overzealous managers, humourless colleagues and ill-informed company bosses.

The competition is now live and is calling for office workers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to tweet or email a fun reason why they deserve a cheeky drink at the end of the week. The winning entry each week will receive a case of Cheeky Drop wine personally delivered by Cheeky Drop's mascot, the squirrel himself.

keep 2 2.jpgThe centrepiece of the campaign is a series of short videos scripted and produced by Keep Left, featuring 'Friday Night Offenders' including Penny Pincher Julie, who buys cask wine and homebrand chips for Friday Drinks, and Rebecca, who prefers to get dressed up and go out, rather than stick around for Friday Drinks in the office.

The competition is supported by comprehensive social media outreach, a radio, blogger and traditional media campaign, featuring Cheeky Drop's Friday Drinks guide to spotting common 'Offenders' and 'Champions' of Friday Drinks.

Cheeky Drop's head of marketing, Franc Zvonar, said he wanted to give the tradition of Friday Drinks a chance at survival, and introduce consumers around the country to the Cheeky Drop bra

Says Zvonar: "As a relatively new brand to the market we were looking for an innovative online campaign that would grab our target audience's attention and encourage them to trial Cheeky Drop's offering." Keep Left took a unique and creative approach to the brief and have delivered an integrated solution that really tells the Cheeky Drop story. The reality is cost doesn't need to be a barrier to purchasing great quality wine."

Client: Cheeky Drop
PR and Communications Agency:
Keep Left
Video direction and production:
Keep Left


Ricky said:

Oh I get it... it's just like the office, but not funny, original, well acted or executed. And then to cap off this overly long piece of rubbish we will add in the brand mascot. Brilliant, must of stayed up all night to crack this one.

Squirrel Grip said:

Sorry Keep Left, this stuff is not right.

Bad said:

Guys stuck to press releases. This is just awful. You'll find you have zero impact with this trite.

Also Friday drinks are alive and well= no insight

A D Denizen said:

If the spots are a reflection of the quality of the wine it should retail for $1.50 a bottle.

Hmmmm said:

The haters wil flow strong on this post. Crap work will = many hater comments.

fuck said:


lord said:

And this, dear clients, is why you need a good agency and production crew. All that stuff about production being cheap now and 'hey, we'll just get a digital camera and shoot it cheap because after all it's just in an office and documentary style' - no, that stuff also requires good script writing, good acting, and a great director, all of which usually costs $.

sniff sniff said:

(BankWest + The Office) x steaming turd

Can't stop watching said:

This is the funniest series of commercials I've ever seen. I was crying with laugher, they were so bad. We were having competitions to see who would could get to the end of each one without wincing or walking off. I can't believe they're trying to PR this. I bet sales go up though, a lot of people will be driven to drink watching this campaign.

Postnatal depression said:

The Office and Never Say No To Panda had a baby. It needs to be pushed back in.

Wino said:

WTF???? One of the worst commercial I have seen this year... Not even a glass of wine on display....

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