Simplot Australia takes Quorn to television with new range of infomercials via Now Screen

Screen shot 2012-04-23 at 1.45.37 PM.jpgSimplot Australia has launched a new range of infomercials for Quorn, the first television
advertising campaign for the product in Australia.

The campaign was created by Sydney-based Now Screen, whose global CD is Marc Schattner, the former ECD at Lowe Hunt, Sydney. The whatsnew? TV infomercials will be screened nationwide across multiple free-to-air channels.


Changing tack from targeting mainly vegetarians, the new campaign aims to also inform consumers looking to reduce their meat intake who make up 40%* of the Australian population.

The market leading meat free brand in the UK and now Australia, Quorn is unique in its offering, as the only brand to utilise mycoprotein as a meat substitute in meals.

Simplot Australia introduced Quorn into the Australian market to offer shoppers a soy free alternative to meat free products. Quorn now represents 54% of the frozen meat free market, and 36% of frozen health food market.

Quorn's new TVC campaign aims to encourage consumers to trial the product as an alternative option to meat. By demonstrating how easy it is to use Quorn Mince in everyday favourite meals, like spaghetti bolognaise, the campaign aims to make Quorn part of home cooked meals.

The supporting Facebook campaign drives shoppers online to find tips and suggestions for meals using Quorn.

Says Simplot Australia General Manager of Retail Marketing, Tara Lordsmith: "We're incredibly excited to see Quorn take to the airwaves this month for the very first time. We hope these new infomercials will introduce more Australians to Quorn as a meat alternative and transform this innovative product into a household name."

Agency: Now Screen
Global Creative Director: Marc Schattner
Senior Copywriter: Mardi McConnochie
Director: Mark Leonard
Executive Producer: Petra Valent
Art Director: Adam Mutzelburg
Sales Director: Kerri-Ann Smith
Account Manager: Sophie O'Sullivan

Client: Simplot
General Manager of Retail Marketing: Tara Lordsmith
Marketing Manager Retail Division: Vivian Zurlo
Brand Manager Seafood, Snacks& Meals: Tracey Fitzsimmons


Lordtofu said:

Looks like they have a substitute idea to go with their substitute meat.

Charleton Heston said:

Soylent green is people!

43 points said:

Whichever way you look at this, it's poop marketed as poop.

Quorny said:

Veggie AD here. Love the product, despise the "creative".

Quorn said:

I found some corn today. But it wasn't in a supermarket aisle.

Quorn is BullSh*t said:

Does anyone understand the logic behind PRing an infomercial on a creativity blog? I personally don't think stuff like this has a place here.

Weird name, good product said:

Agree with Quorny, I'm a veggie and I love this range of products, but what a crap way to try to get meat eaters to try a non-meaty product. There's just no style in this at all, such a shame.

Put out to stud said:

Global Creative Director: Marc Schattner
Senior Copywriter: Mardi McConnochie

So this is what 9-to-5 creatives work on.

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