Traffickers feed on hope: Colman Rasic, Sydney creates illustrated ad for MTV EXIT Foundation

Screen shot 2012-04-23 at 4.51.35 PM.jpgAn illustrated print ad for MTV EXIT Foundation via Colman Rasic, Sydney.



AL said:

Looks good. But I don't get it.

looks good, but said:

nor will anyone else, especially the common punter.

Circling sharks said:

If ever there was an ad designed to woo award juries (and no-one else), this is it.

WTF said:

Complete and absolute waste of time. Who on earth do they think they'll reach with this ad? Worst thing to come out of CR.

James Jean said:

very cool. just pinning it up on my wall. I think its great for the MTV audience.

shame said:

i don't get it, nor does it particularly please my eye.

captainshiraz said:

Which are trafficking and which represent hope?

Tom said:

It is beautiful and horrible at the same time and made me look twice.

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