Schweppes gets sophisticated with retail digital ads around cocktail hour in new campaign via George Patterson Y&R Melbourne and oH!media

sch1.jpgSchweppes' latest out-of-home retail advertising campaign, via George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne, not only runs multiple animated creative executions, but also uses oOh!media's latest "dayparting" capability to increase the relevancy of ads by linking its mixers with cocktail hour.
The two-week advertising campaign utilises oOh!'s static and digital shopaLites within the retail environment, using six different creative executions, of which two are in digital format and are time sensitive to deliver the countdown to cocktail hour.
The rotating digital creative broadcasts Schweppes message that the cocktail revolution is here and counts shoppers down 3,2, 1 to the start of cocktail hour. The time sensitive messages are served to the digital panels after 4pm, so they can influence shoppers at the time they are making purchasing decisions around what beverages they plan to purchase.
oOh!'s Operations Manager, John Purcell, said throughout the day, four digital ads will play on an even rotation across the digital panels until 4pm, after which time we will then serve the time sensitive creative to play the relevant message.
Says Purcell: "The dayparting capability enables advertisers to influence shoppers at the exact time they buying, so they can make more relevant adverts and be more creative with scheduling."
The Schweppes mixer retail advertising campaign takes place over two weeks in more than 300 shopping centres across Australia.
Over the past four years oOh! has invested more than $10 million in growing its shopping centre portfolio to provide access to more than 450 shopping centres across Australia, with over 6,000 digital and static shopaLite's and shopaBanner's.
Campaign:The Cocktail Revolution
Creative Agency:George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne
Production: oOh!
Media: Carat


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