IGA launches campaign for support of our favourite brands via Creative Oasis, Sydney

iga.jpgIGA, Australia's largest network of 1,400 supermarkets, has launched a national advertising campaign via Creative Oasis, Sydney, to remind consumers that they can still purchase their favourite grocery brands and varieties and do not need to settle for home, generic or corporate brands.

Silvestro Morabito, chief operating officer of Metcash Food & Grocery, said the campaign was  designed to inform supermarket consumers that there was at least one network of stores - IGA - selling products that consumers want, not simply what supermarket head offices want to sell to them.

Says Morabito: "It is a sad fact that some supermarket chains try to dictate what people buy.  Many of our customers have said to us that they want to choose what brand they want, not just a corporate home brand product.
"We have listened to our customers and worked hard at IGA to give people the choice and range the products they want to buy.  Each IGA store is independent and has the ability to tailor their grocery ranges to the needs of their consumers.

IGA stores have the flexibility to range local supplier products, as well as products that not stocked by other supermarkets.  This campaign simply says IGA will always put the customer first and operate 'How the locals like it'."


The Sultan of Brunei said:

Creative Desert, more like

Chips n Dip said:

Agree with the Sultan's comment that the campaign is a bit 'creative desert'. Shame, really. I hate the fact that the other two ugly Fresh Down monsters force their own brands on us. Such a good idea to promote a range of brands and not own brands, but the ad isn't doing the insight any favours.

Anne Onymouse said:

Lazy. Uncompelling. No insight except the blatant. And, hang on a tick, I thought this was meant to be a 'creative' blog.... Mmm.

Back to the future said:

Creative Oasis was a retail agency in the 80s and 90s that evolved (through acquisition) into Marketforce then ABKP & Friends and then Ideaworks. It's amazing that in the last 25 to 30 years of this heritage, especially now that some of the original principals have resurrected the Creative Oasis brand, nothing has changed: still producing poo.

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