Colman Rasic collects a lifetime of memories in new poster campaign created for Korean Tourism

colman 1.jpgSydney-based advertising agency Colman Rasic has launched a new poster for Korean Tourism Organization.The work visually highlights the many unique things to see and do in Korea.

Colman Rasic devised the creative strategy of collecting memories; a truth about holidays that excite as they stay with you long after your trip has ended.

Says Derrick Kim, CD at Colman Rasic: "We wanted to capture the essence of Korea, to keep it magical and get people inspired about Korea as a destination in an unexpected way."

The detailed poster features stylised illustrations representing different aspects of Korean culture, such as music, food, traditional performing arts, K-Pop and Royal Palaces.

Agency: Colman Rasic
Illustrator: Aisha Lee
CD: Derrick Kim
ECD: Dejan Rasic


X said:

Nice to see a print ad with an insight. Like it.

Flight Centre said:

It's nice. It doesn't make me want do visit Korea though...

Pseudonym (required) said:

If you want to capture the essence of Korea, meet Derrick Kim.


Dear X said: said:

Most ads have an insight in them X.
50% of Golden Crumpets is an insight for a crumpet eater like myself!

Nexecution said:

I like the insight and the line, but I don't think the illustration does it. I actually can't really tell what it's supposed to represent. Is the overall shape supposed to form anything?

Ben said:

Made in Korea.

Nice but... said:

...I'm off to Thailand.

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