DDB Remedy launches specialist digital unit

Pct1.jpgCB Exclusive - DDB Remedy today announced the establishment of a specialist digital unit with Cameron Thorburn being promoted to director of digital, DDB Remedy.

This latest appointment is testament to DDB Remedy's commitment to strengthening the digital offering within the pharmaceutical, healthcare and lifestyle industries.
DDB Remedy's managing director, John Bertolini, said the specialist unit was established in direct response to the volume of digital work DDB Remedy is currently producing within the healthcare sector.
Says Bertolini: "Over recent years, our campaigns have represented a significant shift within the Australian pharmaceutical and healthcare markets toward digital and mobile marketing campaigns. The establishment of a specialist digital arm means that we will evolve with the industry and continue to build on our specialised digital expertise.
We are delighted to announce the appointment of Cameron as director of digital, DDB Remedy. He is a skillful leader with very strong digital credentials. Since joining DDB Remedy over a year ago, he has been responsible for great work on a host of major pharmaceutical companies including Boehringer, Ingelheim, Lilly, MSD and Bayer."
Thorburn added: "The establishment of a digital unit within DDB Remedy is a significant step forward for pharmaceutical communications within Australia. We will work with Tribal DDB to integrate with our extensive international network of digital specialists and ensure that we continue to produce industry-leading digital solutions for this market."
DDB Remedy has also recently signed as partners with PROSCAPE, a Global provider of cloud-based sales solutions that deliver multichannel, multi-device digital marketing solutions and is currently the only Australian partner. This partnership allows DDB Remedy Digital to provide a full digital offering with the addition of a cloud-based CLM solution tailored to the pharmaceutical industry.
Offering healthcare advertising, proED Medical Education and digital marketing, DDB Remedy has been part of DDB Group Sydney since 2002. With 10 years of experience and a team of internationally experienced healthcare specialists, DDB Remedy is one of the leading healthcare communications consultancies in Australia.


Alan Sawyer said:

Congrats DDB, John & Cameron.

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