Sydney agency AnalogFolk launches 'The Perfect Lager' project for wine producer Casella to find out what makes a beer perfect for Australians

llager 5.jpgCasella Australia's largest wine producer is to enter the premium beer market, without a product. Yet.
Instead, Casella's full service agency AnalogFolk has launched The Perfect Lager Project to find what makes a beer perfect for Australians. 

The initiative is designed as a collaboration with the Australian public to 'Crowd Brew' the perfect Australian lager.

The campaign kicks off with a 'call to arms' video , inviting fellow lager lovers to get involved by downloading an app to give feedback on every beer they drink. The data collected will then influence the style of lager that will be available from June 2012.
beeer5.jpgSays Matt Grogan, AnalogFolk's creative director: "Most other beer brands talk about their heritage, but being new to market, we didn't have that luxury or inclination. Our aim is to try something different and involve the Australian beer drinker in the process."

Casella's newly-appointed senior brand manager for beer Fiona Seath, said: "We have worked in partnership with AnalogFolk on developing a launch strategy and idea that is non-conventional and interactive at its core, however uses conventional channels to bring it to life. It's going to be a rare opportunity for Aussie beer‐lovers to be involved in the creation process."

The campaign will be supported by advertising, digital, trade marketing, experiential and PR. Australian beer lovers can download the iPhone app from today with data being collected until the end of May.

For more information about the project

Creative: Matt Grogan, Tim Bishop
Strategy: Matt Robinson
Technology: Peter Vahaviolos, Toby Vervaart
Production: Ronit Ambarchi, Jake Heath
Design: Chris Jeffree, George Marsden
Community Management: Sophie Broad
Video Production: Engine
Marketing Manager: Libby Nutt
Senior Brand Manager: Fiona Seath
Communications Manager: Kate Bradley
Communications Executive: Gillian Martin


bob doowreshi said:

Nice look. fun to watch. I'm in.

Thirsty said:

Great work guys. Looking forward to an afternoon of "beer feedback".

seen it before said:

looks a lot like Barnes Catmur's work for Boundary Road in New Zealand

It's beer o'clock said:

Sweet idea. The chance to create your own beer. Aussies are gonna be all over it.

Turn it up said:

What a wank. You can't tell me That they honestly know what they will launch! You can't turn a new beer around, design, name, ingredients, brew, package in 2 weeks.

This is a poor PR stunt. Gone wrong.

Shane at 4:20pm said:

Nice work boys! look forward to sharing a perfect lager soon with youse!

huh? said:

@ turn it up

do people often ask you to clarify exactly what it is you're talking about?

Anonymous Dude said:

The data they're collecting has no impact on the flavour of the beer...

completely contrived said:

completely contrived

Good start Analogue folk said:

Great idea, It's a shame they didn't make this a purely digitally led campaign. I reckon this would have spread like wildfire over the interwebs. Brilliant app idea. Well done.

brewer said:

there has never been a statue of a committee, thus the beer will be shite.

Refreshing said:

Great campaign, 'PR stunt' or not. Good to see a brand like Casella giving the nod to this kind of approach.

Refreshing said:

Great campaign, 'PR stunt' or not. Good to see a brand like Casella giving the nod to this kind of approach.

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