PSYOP and Blacklist join Revolver roster

kime 1.jpgPSYOP and Blacklist have joined the Revolver roster for representation in the Australian market.To support new business there, PSYOP executive producer Kim Wildenburg (pictured), has relocated to Sydney.

Skilled in animation, design, illustration, 3D, 2D and live action production and seamlessly
combining some or all of these, PSYOP is renowned for their groundbreaking commercials and branded content.

Over their 11-year history, PSYOP has received highest honors at numerous international award shows, including the Emmys, Cannes Lions, D&AD, the One Show and the Clios.
In 2006, PSYOP founded Blacklist, a production company representing an international roster of directorial talent working across media. Celebrated for their fresh takes on visual experiences, Blacklist's directors encompass a wide range of styles and techniques, creating commercials, branded content, music videos, interactive experiences and art.

co3.jpgWildenburg recently returned to Sydney, having worked in the US for over 8 years, where she gained experience with acclaimed companies such as Method Studios, A52, MassMarket and Paranoid.

An integral part of PYSOP for over 5 years now, Wildenburg worked closely with LA managing director, Neysa Horsburgh, in facilitating the growth of the LA office. She has a deep understanding of each director, their various styles and what they can bring to a project to make it dynamic and unique in every way.

Says Wildenburg: "The idea of an 'All in One Production Company' is quite a unique approach. Having our directors in house, working closely with our designer's, 2d & 3d artists, provides us with an environment for greater creative collaboration throughout the process, and ultimately allows us to create some pretty unique pieces along the way."

Wildenburg is looking forward to working closely with the team at Revolver to help establish the PSYOP and Blacklist brands within the region and is thrilled to have partnered up with such an amazing production company locally.

Says Michael Ritchie, managing director/ executive producer of Revolver: "I genuinely think PSYOP and Blacklist are the very best in the world at what they do, and it's not often that can truly be said. For them to be joining us and for Kim to be working here, is an enormous opportunity for us and even more so, for the agencies that want to work with them."

To view some of PSYOP's recent work CLICK HERE
To view some of Blacklist's recent work CLICK HERE
To view the recently completed Telstra "Connected Home" commercial, with DDB Sydney

For enquiries, please contact Michael Ritchie,, or Kim Wildenburg,


Quickfire said:

Welcome Kim and good luck Pyslop.

ORLY said:


more of the same said:

that's a little misleading... rather add this to the other 'best in the world' animation companies in Sydney with a local rep. They're creative talent is not at all based here.

Too clever by half said:

So, when one of Revolver's directors want to work with their accustomed local post house, Fin, or Animal Logic, Method or even Fuel, and the artists there, that's still doable I suppose, especially if the director is Steve Rogers, or Gary at the Glues, or Bruce, or any of the US based Biscuit boys, who can all choose to work with whomever they like.

But what about other directors in this marketplace, at other production companies? Are they really going to choose a post, animation and visual effects company that is tied to Revolver? Unlikely. So that leaves Psyop and Blacklist with the opportunity to service the Revolver roster only, when they can collaborate, or to do work with their in-house creative director team, who are offshore, and for agencies locally on projects with no 'live action director' attached.

All of those vfx and frequently animation driven spots that Noam or Steve or the Glues have done with Animal or Method or Fin will now be adding another competitor from among their own ranks to the mix of agency choices?

Interesting business model for a very small market, one where there is already heavy, and often cutthroat competition among four or more 'post' houses who can do quality work when they're given the budget to do so, which is also becoming rarer.

Cool ass said:

Onya, know how to spot a winner, Enjoy! She knows your budgets right?

Phantom Brief said:

Any more fake pitches to send out as means of making contact and subsequently trying to poach the lead artists at the other local post, animation, and vfx houses?

Betting that that strategy won't be soon forgotten, and such a clever way to introduce yourself to the new neighbourhood.

wow said:


Up With People said:

That Stepford smile.

sixty40 said:

bring it on. bitches!

Pysop Fan said:

Pysop+Revolver=bad idea

No doubt the team at revolver are smart operators, but surely the local VFX and animation industry are sick of the low budget, no care atttude that has been coming from Revolver for a long time.

Bit had to ask for a favor now that you are in direct competition with the people you've previously relyed on to get the work over the line without the appropriate budget levels.

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