Vicks partners with Save the Children this winter to fight childhood pneumonia in Bangladesh

Screen shot 2012-04-02 at 2.15.47 PM.jpgThis winter cold and flu season will see Procter & Gamble brand Vicks partner with Save the Children for the Vicks Breathe for Life Project. The long-term global partnership focuses on pneumonia prevention, diagnosis and treatment in a bid to reduce childhood deaths in developing countries.
Fronted by Natalie Bassingthwaighte in Australia, the campaign is being driven by PR, social media and advertising (via Arnold Furnace) and calls on support from Aussies by purchasing any Vicks product or 'liking' the Vicks Australia Facebook page. The support from Australians will help the Vicks Breathe for Life Project provide accessible healthcare services to 135,000 children in Bangladesh - where pneumonia is among the top three causes of death in children under five.

Screen shot 2012-04-02 at 2.16.02 PM.jpgSays Alicia Gorken, P&G's External Relations Manager: "As a worldwide leader in cough and cold products, Vicks is committed to giving back to the community. The beauty of the Vicks Breathe for Life Project is that it provides a simple way to make an enormous, real difference to the lives of underprivileged children and their families in Bangladesh. By purchasing any Vicks product to take care of your own family, you can dramatically help a less fortunate family somewhere else in the world."
Adds Nicole Cardinal, Policy and Advocacy Advisor at Save the Children Australia: "Save the Children has a long history working with developing countries to improve the lives of children around the world. With the support of Vicks and the Australian community, we'll be able to strengthen our work at the community level to train health workers on proper pneumonia diagnosis and treatment and to provide educational programs. We have a long term commitment with our partner, Procter & Gamble, to ensure we create a lasting change in those communities in need."
From now until the end of the year, for every Vicks product bought and for every 'like' on the Vicks Australia Facebook page, the Vicks Breathe for Life Project will make a donation to Save the Children.
AU PR agency: Hausmann Communications
AU Digital agency: Arnold Furnace
AU Media agency: Mediacom
US PR agency: DeVries PR (New York City)
US Creative agency: Publicis NY

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