Art Series Hotels challenges public to identify which Warhol is Warhol's in new Naked push

Campaign Brief 83.pngArt Series Hotel Group and Naked Communications Melbourne have brought together the world's greatest living art forger, Tony Tetro, with one of the world's most forged artists - Andy Warhol - to ask "Which Warhol is Warhol's?".

Tetro, a convicted forgery artist, has been commissioned to produce nine replica Warhols that will hang in the hotels alongside a genuine one until August 3. Guests staying at an Art Series Hotel will be asked to pick the 'real' from the fake from a line up of 10. One fake will be revealed each week and given away, with an original Warhol given to one of the guests who picks Warhol's Warhol.


According to Alan Bryce (author of Art Smart), up to 15 per cent of all art sold is fake or forged. In reflecting on this statistic, CEO of the Art Series Hotel Group, Will Deague said:
"In running Which Warhol, we're looking to profile this serious issue (art forgery) and stimulate
discussion and debate around the production of replica art. What does it mean for the industry, how can you pick a fake from a real, what value do we actually place on art?"

Adam Ferrier, Partner of Naked Communications said: "We are pleased to be working with Art Series Hotels on this campaign. Tony Tetro is a very intriguing chap, and the issue of forged art is something that both captures the public's imagination, and is worthy of discussion. We invite people to get involved, or better yet book a room and go have a stab at working out Which Warhol's Warhol's."

The campaign comes to life through social media, experientially, and online. It is supported by digital and print advertising. Everyone is invited to get involved in the project and can win a night in the hotel by following @whichwarhol on Twitter or, and participating in the quizzes on art forgery.

Which Warhol follows the high profile Steal Banksy promotion held in December that challenged people to try to steal an original Banksy artwork from the hotel.


Mike said:

Art theft. Now art forgery. Get it. Like it.

15 minutes later said:

I disagree. Great promo that will get a lot of interest. There is certainly an idea.

The Social Lion said:

Great idea. Nice follow up campaign theme from the Steal Banksy campaign. Good stuff Naked.

dannyboi said:

I stayed at Art Series to try and steal Banksy. And this has kept me interested. I'll be going back

Hmm said:

At least steal banksy had a nice call to action in the idea.

This feels like a question. Nothing more.

And even so called art experts can't tell a real Warhol from a fake. The only way you can be 50% sure is if you have the Andy Warhol Foundation documentation, however even some they have said to be authentic are indeed 'fake'.

So it's a question that no one can really answer aswell. More like a big guessing game.

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