Boccalatte enlists Vivienne Westwood and Stephen Fry to promote British Council awards

Screen shot 2012-05-08 at 7.57.42 AM.jpgSydney brand and visual communications agency Boccalatte has once again been appointed by the British Council to create a campaign promoting their 'Realise Your Dream' awards. Aimed at giving young Australian creatives the opportunity to kick-start their career in the UK, Realise Your Dream 2012 has launched with a TVC and social media marketing campaign.

Screen shot 2012-05-08 at 7.56.34 AM.jpgRYD_postcard3.jpgUsing the programme's 10th anniversary theme of "2012: Ten Years of Talent" as inspiration for the creative concept, Boccalatte has produced and directed an animated TVC, based around the number 10.
The short utilises ten animated characters, including Brit-culture icons Vivienne Westwood, Noel Fielding, Stephen Fry and Damien Hirst's cow, to give an audience of emerging creative practitioners ten reasons they should enter the awards, to win $10,000, in the programme's 10th anniversary year. The TVC, illustrated by Boccalatte in-house, uses a bright, block-colour palette inspired by Dr. Seuss, as a key device in the execution.
RYD_postcard1.jpgRYD_postcard2.jpgThe agency says it developed an animated execution for its pass-on appeal as a viral video. The film will spearhead a social media campaign aimed at emerging leaders working in the creative industries, primarily aged 18 to 35 and who according to the British Council's brief, are savvy, culturally switched-on, talented, educated and ambitious. The social media and viral campaign is rolling out across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo, and the TVC will be broadcast on the BBC Knowledge channel in Australia and the UK. The agency has also developed postcards, and radio scripts for Triple J.
Boccalatte was selected by the British Council following the success of their work on the awards last year, which also featured an animated TVC.
"Working with the British Council is incredibly stimulating," said Suzanne Boccalatte, founder and creative director of Boccalatte. "Being involved with a program that supports Australian creativity is satisfying in itself. But the real joy is working with an organisation that allows us to flex our creative muscle in ways that push boundaries, and encourages us to utilise our in-house animation capabilities to full effect."
Nick Marchand, director of the British Council in Australia, says working with Boccalatte is a positive experience: "This is the second year we have worked with the Boccalatte team on our Realise Your Dream campaign, and once again, they have come up with a vibrant, arresting and amusing execution," said Marchand. "We couldn't be happier with the results, which are really a perfect fit, in feel and message, for our campaign."
The awards are designed to celebrate excellence in the arts and creative industries and three Australians working in these fields will be awarded a return trip to the UK, $10,000 and a professional development program, including introductions to relevant UK creative leaders. Realise Your Dream is made possible with the support of major sponsors National Australia Bank, Virgin Atlantic and Triple J. Entries close on Friday 3 June.
Client: British Council, Australia
Agency: Boccalatte
Creative Director: Suzanne Boccalatte
Art Director: Suzanne Boccalatte
Illustrators: Elin Andersson & Georgia Perry, Boccalatte
Social Media Strategist: Kristy Austin
Animator: Sebastian Danta
Sound Engineers: Deviant Productions


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