Clemenger BBDO Melbourne launches its first Mars Bar campaign led by 'Runaway Train' TVC

Screen shot 2012-05-07 at 3.48.02 PM.jpgClemenger BBDO Melbourne has just launched its first TVC for the iconic Mars Bar. Called 'Runaway Train', this is the first brand campaign created for the Australian market in five years and has a new take on the Mars energy message.

Set on a runaway train, hurtling towards disaster amongst the snow-capped Alps, the launch ad introduces the new campaign line, With a Mars comes great responsibility.

Screen shot 2012-05-07 at 3.47.49 PM.jpgExecutive Creative Director of Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Ant Keogh, says people have great affection for the brand: "Mars is such an iconic brand, and traditionally its advertising has been based on the bar giving you energy to take on the day. We flipped this around and asked, what if eating a Mars Bar meant everyone would look to you to step up to a challenge?" Keogh said.

The campaign will be supported by cinema and outdoor executions.


spiderman said:

i couldn't understand any of it over the music

Hearing aid said:

I agree...Lost words

Into it said:

Fantastic. Killer casting and prod design. Well done.

Rated said:

5 out of 10

A said:

Think big, but not too big.

The Simpleton said:

I don't get it, but I like it!

jp said:

love it

Bill Collins said:

With Mugwai comes great responsibility. Not a Mars Bar. Too bad each screening doesn't come with a rationale by Ant Keogh to explain the mental gymnastics required. Unfortunately, that's the gremlin in this campaign.

sleuth said:

A, you're right big M milk think big ads.
also done by same agency.

Weird said:

The way he holds the Mars creeeeps me out. There's a line between natural and still showing the product

What the said:

The strategy and creative just disappeared up its own Uranus.

Joker said:

It's not funny.

Grow up said:

Not sure how anybody in the ad is 'working, resting or playing'.
But then hipsters would 'ideate, chill or groove'.
Not the day for chocolate ads...

ANDY said:

Nice production.
Idea has one layer to many.
Work Rest & Play ?

Ian said:

What? So if i want to enjoy the simple pleasure of munching on a Mars bar, this shit could happen? How daft. I think i'll have Kit Kat. Shoot the planner.

Peep said:

Not good Clems

WTF said:

How did this happen?

I'm a hack said:

Those that can, do. Those that can't, comment on this blog.

ASS said:

I'm a hack, you are obviously a can't. like me.

... said:

very average

Yo Hack said:

Take mars out of your arse.

Zizek said:

@ 5:15

Exactly right. The way he's holding it looks dumb..

Hmmm said:

I was actually going to say its the best Mars ad done here. Now that i've read all the other comments I guess I'll have to change my opinion now and hate on whatever Ant said (even though I just went straight to the ad).
In a pathetic Television advertising landscape, this is actually pretty good you goons. I like the line, it's a nice departure.
As for the work rest and play comment? Stop being a fucking brand nerd. Do you really think people out there need to here that a fucking chocolate bar helps you work rest and play? It's a fucking chocolate bar. If you like the taste, you buy it. I don't like it, therefore I don't buy it.

roger said:


Nic E One said:

If you read the hating bile before you watch the ad, it comes up very well. I may agree with the 'one layer too many' comment but in general really nicely done and good punch line about the mars bar- probably didn't need the roof top shot- we kinda got that. But nice and nicely done. The haters are probably too tied up thinking of an activation which will only be seen by agency people or a Facebook idea that gets 115 likes- all friends and colleagues.

WTF said:

Looks like crap!

WTF said:

Looks like crap!

Work Rest Play said:

That's fair enough Hmmm regarding the tag line.

But they can't very well finish their ad with the line "It's a fucking chocolate bar. If you like buy it" etc.

Can they?

So Mars keeps up with the Work Rest Play thing because it has been around for ages and when people read it they think: Oh yeah that's Mars bar. I remember Mars bar.

Hell they might even think of it when they hear words like "work" and "rest" and "play" (with yourself).

Ted dibiase said:

This one really brought out the dochebags. It's a chocolate bar. Work rest and fuck you. This is funny, memorable and nicely directed. One layer to many? Are you a fucking retard? Clems (melbourne) continue to do the work everyone wants to.

Seppos said:

Why do so many Australian ads now end with an American VO???

Ted dibiase said:

This one really brought out the dochebags. It's a chocolate bar. Work rest and fuck you. This is funny, memorable and nicely directed. One layer to many? Are you a fucking retard? Clems (melbourne) continue to do the work everyone wants to.

American VO said:

It must be becaahs Seppos arr Ahsome dewd.

pseudonym said:

Great casting and edit!

Clems fan said:

Working at Clems brings great responsibility... people expect every ad you put out to be awesome. Sadly, this isn't.

madmonday said:

Must have been a slow day yesterday, too much hate. Love it

some bloke said:

Most of the idiots on this blog wouldn't know a good ad if it bit them on the arse.
I on the other hand.....
Big, real client. Nice idea. Well produced. I could hear the words. If the 'one layer to many' was the eensy weensy 'work rest and play' under the pack shot, who cares, i didnt even see it.
Well done guys.

Thats a yes from me! said:

The blonde kid with the eyes had me falling off my chair! Awesome!!! Like. Well done!

We are Australian said:

American accents?

Donald said:

Congrats guys!!

iranarace said:

How many people on this blog were involved, or had friends involved in this ad? Come on, hands up.

Des said:

Lets face it, good but not great.

Blank face / blink said:

Read the comments first and thought: come on it's Keogh on a chocolate bar ad, no matter who the director is it should be reasonably good. There's just the usual amount of douchebags in the comments section.
Watched the ad and my mind actually went blank... I blinked a few times and thought well it's meant to be bad, I'm suppose to laugh at this like the 'in joke' with the way he's holding the mars bar awkwardly towards camera. I thought long and hard about whether I should laugh and whether or not I was just feeling moody and whether or not I should join the douchebags in this comments section.
The conclusion I came to is that good work should be whole heartedly applauded and bad work shouldn't be encouraged otherwise it just breeds more bad work.
This spot was not funny, not clever and not engaging. Didn't even look good, not even in a bad way. I had a vague thought about blaming the direction after discovering the director had made those awful 'Iselect spots' but then those along with this are just bad ideas.
Basically a boring spot but yeah a pat on the back for everyone for putting in the effort.

Smithy said:

Who is the actor who plays the role of the train guard? I think the ad is great.

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