Coca-Cola collaborates with Mark Ronson to get the world to 'move to the beat' of the Olympics

Campaign Brief 127.pngTo share the spirit of the Olympic Games, Coca-Cola partnered with Grammy award winning producer Mark Ronson to create a track that fuses the sounds of sports and the beat of London music.
Ronson travelled the globe gaining inspiration for the track and meeting young Olympic Games hopefuls to record the sounds of their sports, before teaming up with chart-topper Katy B who provided the lyrics and vocals.
Says Ronson: "I've been able to do something really unique, meeting these remarkable athletes and recording their sounds to use in this song. It's exciting to be working with COCA-COLA on the Move to the Beat campaign for London 2012." 
Katy B said: "Working with Mark was a great experience and meeting the athletes was so inspiring. It's exciting to get a feel for the atmosphere that's coming to London for the Olympic Games."  
Prior to the track's release, and celebrating the '100 days before the Olympic Games' milestone, Coca-Cola presented The London Beat: a special behind the scenes look at the making of Anywhere In The World. The 60-minute documentary premiered on FOX8 alongside a series of webisodes available from the Coca-Cola facebook site.

This 60-minute documentary follows the creation of the new music track, including the creative involvement of young Olympic Games hopefuls. Continuing their support of young athletes around the world, Coca-Cola has signed Aussie BMX London 2012 gold medal contender Sam Willoughby (pictured), as its local ambassador. At just 20 years old, Sam is currently ranked number two in the world and will be a strong medal contender if he qualifies for London 2012 on May 27.
Willoughby is thrilled to be an ambassador for Coca-Cola at London 2012, saying: "I've always been a big believer that if you want to be the best, you need to surround yourself with the best. Having the support of Coca-Cola, undeniably one of the world's most successful and best known companies, is only going to better my chances of winning gold. They're helping me achieve my dreams."

Australians will be able to view The London Beat ahead of the release of Anywhere In The World on May 15 on the Coca-Cola facebook page. 



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