Cubed Communications gives University of Ballarat the right staff in new campaign

portacabin.jpgIndependent Melbourne agency Cubed Communications has recently created and launched 2 TVC's that demonstrate the commitment students can expect from staff at the University of Ballarat. 

University of Ballarat is the only regionally based dual sector tertiary education provider in Victoria.

The ads were created using real staff members and students, and aim to show that the things you learn from the dedicated staff at UB, who stay with you during your studies and beyond.


boardroom.jpgDepicting fresh young graduates on that daunting first day 'on the job', the ads dramatise the level of support from staff, who will balance any situation in the favour of the graduate.

One is set in a boardroom, where we see a young professional being welcomed aboard by an interview panel, and, to reflect the diverse range of TAFE studies the Uni also offers, the other is set in a port-a-cabin where a fresh young apprentice is on his first day.

In both scenes, it's clear that the graduates are not alone, as unbeknown to the interviewers, they have turned up, supported by the staff who helped them through their uni days. We see the room filled with staff as varied as lecturers, admin, cleaning, maintenance and even sports coaches.

Says Phillip Crone, manager, marketing and communications at UB: "The ads hit the spot when it comes to showing the care and pride all staff at UB show to their students. We wanted to create a strong sense that no matter what you study, or where your studies take you, the things you learn from our staff will stay with you every step of your journey, to help you learn to succeed."

Says Bruce Williams, Cubed creative director: "They clearly show the support you feel as a UB graduate. At the same time, they celebrate the passion of the staff."

The ads were created by Scene On, with Andrew Coyle teaming up with Trevor and Mat Holcomb to produce and direct the spots, in between filming Chopper Read for their newest feature film.

Says Williams: "By using real staff and students (no paid actors at all), we managed to portray a great sense of honesty in both ads. The guys managed to capture the very real passion and enthusiasm - as well as 'unearthing' some great acting talents along the way!'

University of Ballarat
Manager, Marketing & Communications: Phillip Crone
Props & talent: Alice Middlemiss & Cindy McKenzie

Cubed Founding Partner/Strategy: Mike Chuter
Creative Director: Bruce Williams
Art Director: Mal Chambers
Writer: Siobhan Coleman
Account Director: Tracey Soutar

Director/Producer: Andrew Coyle
Director: Mat Holcomb

Producer: Trevor Holcomb
DOP: Matthew Chuang
Editor: Trevor Holcomb


James said:

nicely shot to capture the 'real' people

pedro said:

That's quite funny, simple but effective. I like the kid, reminds me of my son.

Jacinta said:

Looks good boys! Well done to everyone involved.

Gladys said:

Wow - these are amazing. Congrats to all involved. Really clever insights and I love the tongue in cheek dialogue and the reality of both spots. Deserving of medals.

Wow Indeed said:

Deserving of medals indeed and agreed - wonder if the actual creative genius's behind this are ever recognised having been retrenched the morning after the shoot.

Ned said:

So Gladys is Dallas and Petro is Chute. Self promotion so underrated - Happy Monday!!

Kez said:

Alright! Very natural and authentic. well done to the staff who star in this add for their contribution to the UB

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