Arnott's ends 70 year relationship with GPY&R - appoints DDB Group as principal agency

Campaign Brief 251.pngAfter 70 years baked snacks company Arnott's has dropped roster agency George Patterson Y&R Sydney and confirmed the selection of DDB Group as its principal advertising agency after a review of its agency structure, which previously supported DDB Group as well as GPY&R.
According to ANZ marketing director Susan Massasso, working with one, larger agency will give Arnott's access to a broader range of quality, creative and strategic planning resources for the best possible return on investment.

Says Massasso: "DDB has worked with Arnott's for the past five years and has been responsible for developing a range of original and creative brand experiences for our consumers, including the recent Truly Madly Tim Tam Orchard in Martin Place, Sydney. We're confident DDB has the structural capability, along with the quality of thinking, to best support the Arnott's business moving forward."

The Company praised GPY&R on the contributions it made to the Arnott's business during its long tenure.

Massasso added: "We're grateful for everything GPY&R has done for our business and our brands. They have produced some very successful campaigns for Arnott's over the years and we have enormous respect for their people and their work. We genuinely wish our friends and colleagues at the agency much success in the future."

The Company has confirmed the ongoing relationship with Clemenger BBDO will continue providing creative advertising services to its Campbell's ANZ division.


End of an era said:

Wow, 70 or more years I think the relationship was with Patts... so many stories and so many ads... so sad but I suppose, inevitable. First Bonds with the Palace, now this... wow...

thats the way the cookie crumbles said:

thats what happens when an agency goes stale

Bad pun guy said:


Razor said:

That takes the biscuit.

DDBOOM! said:

There's no substitute for quality.

Billy said:

They've given Patts the Scotch Finger!

anothe bad pun guy - said:

that's the way the cookie crumbles

len said:

The wheels are falling off the wagon!

LOL said:


Mr Grylls said:

I guess today isn't the day the teddy bears had their picnic...

New Line said:

'There is a substitute for quality'

Reality cheque said:

Nothing is forever, but 70 years is pretty bloody close.
I hope the guys at GP(Y&R) are strolling off the court, hand up, head down.
Well Done.

who the hell... said: still DDBooming? Seriously. It was appropriate 3 years ago. When DDB would win awards and clients. Now it's just kind of sad. That kind of arrogance should only be kept for winners, not stagnant agencies that are resting on their dusty laurels.

Keep 'em coming said:

Leaving Patts for DDB? They must be CRACKERS!

Gary said:

They couldn't resist when they found out DDB was run by two ginger nuts.

Biscuit nostalgist said:

Kind of sad that both Wagon Wheels and Vita Weets are now absorbed into Arnott's.

Doesn't anybody remember Weston's, and Peak Freans...?

J-Dawg said:

This is probably the most amusing thread I've seen to date.

Well done to all involved.

Lotto said:

Looks like DDB have acquired quite a fortune cookie.

Biscuit nostalgist said:

Do you think DDB will play it safe on this account – or go the full Monte?

Biscuit nostalgist said:

Speaking of Monte, the bakers – beancounters? – at Arnott's need to brush up on the recipe.

What is being sold now, is not as good as it was many years ago.

Not sure why – but it seems like they've cut back on something...less coconut, perhaps.

ASS said:

after 70 years it grew mold.

Bad pun guy said:

SAO-nara GPY&R.

cheer leader said:

22 puns - is that all we've got in us. Step up.

Biscuit nostalgist said:

JATZ about the size of it.

Biscuit nostalgist said:


Pun Lady said:

The decision to move was about the dough, not the creative.

Oh yes you are said:

Hit the Roadies lads, clearly the Shapes of things to come for GPY&R.

If you insist, 12:33 said:

Being dumped in favour of DDB? That's a kick in the Jatz.

Professor Marcomm said:

Tim Tam, thank you, ma'am

Pete Frean said:

Your Salada days are long gone, looks like the career's a bit Milk Arrowrooted.
Gaiety! (Not that there's anything wrong with that)

Bad pun guy said:

The guys at DDB will be walking around like Royals. Kingstons, even.

fred said:

and patts melbourne just lost medibank

Biscuit nostalgist said:

Some of these puns are getting WAFER thin

eat this said:

Looks like DDB has been playing soggy sao, and Patts has to eat it.


Account Circus said:

With news like this, one suspects some senior figures at DDB might treat themselves to a nice trip somewhere - maybe Monte Carlo?

Biscuit nostalgist said:

First DDB picked up the Volkswagen account, then Audi, now they've finally landed VO VO.

Fawk said:

This thread is arousing me.
I want to Ice my wife's Vo Vo's.

Pebble said:

This is going to cause quite the Choc Ripple in the Delta Cream.

Kooky said:

I expect this account is worth hundreds and thousands.

Biscuit nostalgist said:

I'm getting so excited by all this, I've started playing with my Hob Nob.

Oh, wait, that's McVitie's.

MSG said:

GPY&R were Chicken Crimping Arnott's style.

One more said:

Half baked puns galore- so here's one more from the oven...

Rosella said:

They've given them the bird.

Groucho said:

Who can remember when Arnotts and Patts were Australian?

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