Euro RSCG Sydney wins February/March Could be a Caxton winner competition with Durex's 'Happy Valentine's Week' topical newspaper ad

Campaign Brief 11.png
Durex's Happy Valentine's Week topical newspaper ad has been announced as the February /March winner of the Could be a Caxton Winner competition, established by the Caxton Committee and supported by The Newspaper Works to recognise and showcase great creativity on a bi-monthly basis. 

Client: Durex
Agency: Euro RSCG, Sydney Executive Creative Director: Steve Coll Art Director: Ben Pearce
Writer: Jack Nunn

Sesh Moodley, Creative Director at Naked Communications and the judge of the February / March competition, said:
"I thought the Durex ad was the best of the bunch. Shag gag aside; it was topical, simple and re-enforced some sort of benefit."

Thumbnail image for Campaign Brief 12.pngA Highly Commended was also awarded for:
"Defend tomorrow", Optus
"Hats off to Optus for fighting a good fight, here's the ad in support."

The April / May Could Be a Caxton competition is open for entries. It's free to enter and anyone can submit nominations. The copywriter and art director responsible for the newspaper campaign judged best of the year's Could Be a Caxton bi-monthly winning ads, will score an all expenses-paid trip to the 2012 Caxton Awards.


Amnesia sufferer said:

Didn't they run this last year? I've seen it before somewhere.

Nuisance factor said:

Oh for fuck's sake Jack, that ol' thing you had sitting in the draw? Got fuckin hold on it. More boring than watching Ricky Ponting bat.

Ben, you should know better. You've been a junior for far too long to make such mistakes.


Got the boot. said:

Well done Jack.

Me said:

I don't know who this Jack guy is, but he's got a lot of explaining to do.

another amnesia sufferer said:

they did, I'm sure they did. Re-usable tactical ads, what's the world coming to!

Normal, sane person said:

Nuisance factor, what do you smoke? Why you holding?

A damn said:

Nice to see your bottom drawer getting some air Percy my old boy. How about that beer?

Banjo Partners said:

Hey Showbags!

You finally made it to the big time!

Wait till those guys in Pyrmont hear about THIS shit.

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