Engine signs award-winning Barcelona motion graphics & new-media production house Boolab

Campaign Brief 76.pngEngine today announced that they were now representing Boolab the award-winning production, motion graphics, innovation, experimentation and content house.

Says Engine EP Adam Wells (pictured): "At Engine, I'm looking for the different. I'm looking for the best, no matter where in the world. Boolab's work is international, but they work local. The creative is world class and those who work with Boolab know they are working with the best."

Boolab has been in Motionographer's top 20 Best Motion Design and Animation Production Houses in the World list since 2008 and has worked with some of the world's top brands and agencies since its launch in 1995 including the NBA, ESPN USA, Psyop for Adidas and the Beijing Olympic Games. 
The company also made the promo for the last season of the TV show "Lost" which won a Gold Promax, one of many awards won by the company. Other recent awards include a Cannes Gold and Silver Lion and an AIGA award for the company's Roca Barcelona Gallery experiential multimedia space.

Lucas Elliot - International Executive Producer for boolab said: "Engine has demonstrated it is one of the top players in innovation in the region, and we believe Engine will be a great partner to extend our activity effectively in Australasia. In the kind of special developments Boolab tends to produce, it is fundamental to work with a company that has such a high profile and bandwidth."

To book boolab call Adam Wells on +61 2 9438 2000or e-mail Adam 


News Junkie said:

Is Adam related to Victorian Treasurer Kim Wells?

Money Bags said:

See guys this is what it is all about: production houses.

Let the client come in, pour him a glass of wine and say: Ok Mr-You-Are-Indirectly-Paying-My-Salary, what is your vision? Anything you want. You want a cheesy animation that says YOU BUY NOW DUMB CONSUMER? Consider it done.

You want a boring ad with a dude in a suit blabbing uninteresting facts about your brand? We'll make it extra boring. We'll make him wear two suits if that makes you happy.

As long as you keep us fed we'll do what ever you like. We're your supplier aren't we. When you walk into green grocer and ask for apples you don't want a Junior Art director telling you that you really would prefer oranges, and you're an idiot for disagreeing with him, do you? Because that would be stupid business practice wouldn't it?

We wouldn't dream of trying to use your wealth to elevate our prestige in a circle of poverty stricken losers that flew to Cannes once 8 years ago. How would that help our business.

Because it IS a business isn't it?

They DO call it the "Advertising Industry" don't they?

Not the "Art Director's Quirky Ideas Hobby Club".

Zizek said:

@ Money Bags


But isn't it more akin to going to a restaurant? The client is buying more than just the ingredients with which to cook the meal themselves. They go to one restaurant and not another precisely because they like what's made there.

Yes, you expect top notch service and not to be told what to eat -- rightly so -- but the pinnacle is when you eat something that's way beyond your expectations... and this comes from working with specialists who live and breathe their art.

Money Bags said:

You may have a point Zizek.

But my argument is that a client who is a major decision maker in his company has a scope of discretion when it comes to approving branding and media exercises. His scope does not usually extend to artistic frolicking. Going beyond your appointed powers can get you in serious trouble with the Board. Not a sensible thing to do.

Whether or not the product/spot purchased from the agency/restaurant is better than what the client expected is subjective and often irrelevant.

If the client walks away happy with what he paid for then the sensible and equitable result has been achieved in the client's mind. Then he will come back to the agency next time for the same diligent service.

And, as you'll probably agree, what is usually produced by creative agencies does little more for the product than do hard selling spots produced by production houses.

More and more creative agencies are being seen as brokers by people like me. It makes much sounder economic sense to by pass any middle men and go straight to those responsible for output. This is especially where the big bucks are being funneled - as a client the last thing you want is to be going over budget because an indignant creative won't get his award submission looking exactly how he wants it.

As a client I see sticking my neck out for an agency ambition as an operation that is proceeding at the damaging expense of the corporation I am working for and the staff I am responsible for. And let's not forget the almighty Board that commands us all.

This type of management, in my view, is unsustainable. Production houses are safe. Safe is sensible. Safe retains structural fiscal integrity. In these uncertain economic times it is folly to depart from safe.

Thank you for your reasonable and refreshing comment.

Zizek said:

Good to have some considered and relevant comment on here finally.

Refreshing on both sides Money Bags. Thank you.

Money Bags said:

Same to you Zizek.

What? said:

What a shame most agency creatives don't have the attention span to read these exchanges, or understand them. I didn't.

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