Fin Review App for iPad set to launch next week

Screen shot 2012-05-18 at 1.45.37 PM.jpgThe Australian Financial Review App for iPad will launch next week.  
Considered by many to be the most eagerly awaited app in recent times, The Australian Financial Review app for iPad was built by Fairfax Media's award-wining mobile development team.  The app will be free to download from Apple's app store with content available to existing 5 and 6-day Financial Review newspaper subscribers and subscribers.
Says Financial Review Group CEO Brett Clegg: "The new AFR app is great. I think people will be thrilled with what is by all standards a world-class app for the iPad. Given the interest in it, we know there is significant pent-up demand for a 'lean-back experience' with our content, and customers have been asking every day when our app will be released.  The last few months have seen new energy and verve emerge at the Financial Review with our new pricing structure, a new editorial position based on news breaking, agenda-setting journalism, and now a new way to experience our content through the app."
"We are feeling momentum building with our readers and commercial clients, and our online subscribers have doubled since December to now total close to 17,000. We are seeing significantly more engagement with the Financial Review across all platforms - print, online and mobile. We are working hard to provide additional value and to delight our subscribers, and the pricing strategy for the app is testament to that. Financial Review subscribers, through Fairfax, will get full access to the app at no extra charge."
Says Australian Financial Review Editor in Chief Michael Stutchbury: "The combination of our authoritative 24 hour coverage of business, finance and investment news with live ASX market data will see the Financial Review app provide subscribers with an integrated offering that has no parallel in Australia.
"Five sponsors have joined us for the launch of the app and we are grateful to Cisco, Commonwealth Bank, Land Rover, Vacheron-Constantin and Virgin Australia for their support."


Ryan's Bar said:

Fantastic. Now everyone on my bus will know how important I am.

Captain Shiraz said:

There is a difference Ryan's Bar... "Everyone on the ferry"

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